Aaron Fay on Attaining Fluency in Cree

A message of inspiration for Cree language learners – from another dedicated Cree language learner. In this TikTok video, Aaron Fay, says ahkamêyimok: If he can do it, so can you!

In the video, Aaron reflects on his own largely self-guided learning techniques that lean heavily on persistence, repetition and consistently challenging himself. We all know that the Cree language classroom can only go so far in setting students up for success with language learning. Making opportunities to learn and review outside the classroom may be even more important to achieve the goal of fluent speech. On other occasions, Aaron will also tell you how much he has learned by creating immersion opportunities with fellow students, and also by listening to recordings of fully fluent speakers, then working to transcribe those recordings (in SRO), one word at a time. Aaron’s videos and other significant contributions to lifting up his fellow learners can be found in several locations:

  • Aaron’s YouTube videos can be found at https://www.youtube.com/@AaronFay
  • Find Aaron on TikTok as otipeyimisow
  • Visit Aaron’s website https://kiyanaw.net/ for:
    • Its Learner Library (a collection of various language resources from around the web, aimed at learners)
    • Its Transcription Tool (a product of Aaron’s own coding skills)
    • Its SRO editions of Leonard Bloomfield’s Plains Cree Texts and Sacred Stories of the Sweet Grass Cree, beautifully presented in parallel columns to support language learning.
    • If you need a reminder, you can also scroll down on the Cree Literacy Network main page to find a link to Aaron’s kiyanaw.net under “Link to Friends”

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