Anangong Miidaaging: Star Wars in Anishinaabemowin!

All across the known universe, Indigenati are sharing joyful news this week that @Lucasfilm has committed to an official translation and dub into Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) of #StarWars: A New Hope. As fellow members of the Rebel Alliance (united against Colonialism), everyone on team Cree is cheering just as loudly.

Read more official news here:…/star-wars-anangong…

I’m also proud of fellow môniyaw-Winnipegger @DougaldLamont who permitted us to share the inside scoop on how the @Lucasfilm/Anishinaabe Alliance was formed, right here in Manitoba. Veteran languge warrior Patricia Ningewance Nadeau – who is also a great friend of Cree Literacy – has already begun what may be the biggest, most exciting translation of her long, esteemed career. Voice auditions and dialogue recording will take place here in Winnipeg, and recording is expected to take place in Winnipeg in 2024 with Skywalker Sound completing the sound mixing and post-production.

Here, with his permission, is Dougald’s version of how the alliance began:

A couple of years ago I reached out to fellow Winnipegger Pablo Hidalgo at Lucasfilm to see whether they would be interested in doing an Indigenous language translation in Canada.

Michael Kohn, who oversaw the Navajo translation, answered. I pitched them and reached out to my friend and fellow Star Wars fan, Maeengan Linklater, who is the Ec Dev Officer at Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council. We then pulled in the University of Manitoba.

This is the realization of a dream that brings together many of my favourite things – film and film production – (Star Wars in particular) my beloved University of Manitoba and of course, Winnipeg and Manitoba.

I am a huge believer in Manitoba’s creative community. Growing up, I didn’t dream so much of going to a galaxy far far away as hoping some part of that galaxy could be created here.

That it will be as a reconciliation project that will preserve and promote Indigenous Languages gives it that much more meaning and depth.

Big thanks to Lucasfilm, Pablo Hidalgo and Michael Kohn, to Maeengan Linklater at DOTC, to U of M and all the other partners, including the Hon. Dan Vandal, and ultimately to George Lucas.

Merry Christmas and May the Force be with You.

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