International Mother Language Day 2024

I’m stealing this salute for International Mother Language Day from Arok Wolvengrey (though technically, he may have stolen it from me.) The late Freda Ahenakew and the Cree language are the embodiment of mother, and mother language both for Arok and for me. We are deeply fortunate to be treated as members of her family.

Click through to find audio and complete images from nicâpân owâskahikan / Câpân’s House, the book published by Cree Literacy Network to recognize the dedication of Saskatoon’s Dr Freda Ahenakew Libary in 2017. Listen and read along in Cree, to learn a bit about the home and family of our late honorary founder, Dr Freda Ahenakew. And – if Cree is your mother language, or even your adopted-mother language – take a moment to celebrate nêhiyawêwin and its âhkamêyihtamowin.

nicâpân owâskahikan / Câpân’s House

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