Brand new: Ininímowin Immersion Handbook

This is a very exciting new publication – not least because n-dialect teaching materials are very much in demand. Congratulations to Sharissa Neault, and ohkoma Jessie Anderson for their really excellent work preparing this new, n-dialect (Swampy Cree) edition of Pat Ningewance’s Immersion Camp Handbook, now available from Mazinaate Inc.

The handbook was originally written in Anishinaabemowin and English, designed and published by Patricia Ningewance Nadeau. It was then road-tested at the three-week Anishinaabemowin Immersion Camp held just outside of Winnipeg last summer (that one all the coolest Ojibwe kids are still raving about).

This new n-dialect edition generally maintains the English structure of the original, replacing Ojibwe terms with Cree ones. It even maintains Pat’s original artwork for its cover. But Sharissa also made a point of bringing in the names of all her cousins, and making other Cree-related adjustments to its content. Although acute accent is used (in place of macron or circumflex) to mark vowel length, the Cree is presented in SRO throughout that maintains a direct correspondence with the y-dialect spelling found in the itwêwina online dictionary.

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