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Arden Ogg, Director
B.Mus, M.A. University of Manitoba

Arden believes one of the luckiest days of her life was the day she “met Cree” in the Intro Linguistics class of H.C. Wolfart at the University of Manitoba in 1979. After incorporating a brief study of the powwow into her music degree, she was invited in 1983 to join Wolfart’s SSHRCC-funded Cree Language Project, where Freda Ahenakew was then an M.A. student.

Through the generous guidance of Wolfart and Ahenakew, she grew into the role of technical assistant, editorial partner and typographer, and was infected with the deep passion and mutual respect of the editorial team and their shared commitment to the Cree language. Her 1992 M.A. thesis focused on Plains Cree particles. By creating and supporting this Network of people and resources, she strives to repay an enormous debt of gratitude.

In addition to Cree language advocacy, Arden also served from 2010-2013 on the National Executive Council of the Editors’ Association of Canada as the Regional Representative for Western Canada. Through the EAC, she promotes training and professional development opportunities for Aboriginal editors.

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2 Responses to Arden Ogg – Bio

  1. Rita Ruzzo says:

    Good morning,

    I am a pedagogical advisor in a schoo lboard in Montreal and have received your book as part of the free TD book giveaway. I personally instantly fell in love with it and shared to my English second language teachers. Some of them are currently reading it to students and preparing activities with the book in class. One teacher is interested in getting the read aloud in Plains Cree language if it is available.
    I was wondering if you can guide me in getting such a video on youtube or any other way.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Rita Ruzzo

    Conseillère pédagogique

    Anglais langue seconde, primaire

    Commission Scolaire de la Pointe-del’île

    • Arden Ogg says:

      I’m so glad you love Monique and Julie’s book as much as I do. I am currently working with Orca to prepare an online reading, precisely for people like you! Thanks for getting in touch!

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