Arden Ogg: Publications, Papers Read and Books Produced

Cree Literacy Network

  • nicâpân owâskahikan / Câpân’s House: A Family Album from the Home of Dr Freda Ahenakew. Arden C. Ogg and Dolores Greyeyes Sand. Edited and with a glossary by Arden C. Ogg, 2017.

University of Manitoba Press (Publications of the Algonquian Text Society)

Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics Memoirs

  • pisiskiwak kâ-pîkiskwêcik / Talking Animals. Told [in Swampy Cree] by L. Beardy, Edited and Translated by H.C. Wolfart. 1988. [includes syllabic texts]
  • Leonard Bloomfield’s Fox Lexicon: Critical Edition. Ives Goddard. 1994.
  • The Student’s Dictionary of Literary Plains Cree, Based on Contemporary Texts. H.C. Wolfart & Freda Ahenakew. 1998.
  • Essays in Algonquian, Catawban and Siouan Linguistics in Memory of Frank T. Siebert, Jr. Edited by Blair A. Rudes & David J. Costa. 2003.
  • The Autobiography of a Meskwaki Woman: A New Edition and Translation. Ives Goddard. 2006.
  • The Owl Sacred Pack: A New Edition and Translation of the Meskwaki Manuscript of Alfred Kiyana. Ives Goddard. 2007.

Titles from Other Publishers

Original Publications and Presentations

  • Ojibwa tales of the Foolish Maidens. 1989. Actes du 20e Congrès des Algonquinistes, ed. by William Cowan, pp. 279-291. Ottawa: Carleton University.
  • Four Cree Love Songs: The Interaction of Text and Music. 1990. Canadian Journal of Native Studies 8.2:231-250.
  • nikotwâsik iskwâhtêm, pâskihtêpayih! Studies in Honour of H.C. Wolfart. 1996. Edited by John D. Nichols & Arden C. Ogg.
  • Lost in Translation: Multicultural misconstruals in the Cree performance of a Dakota hymn. [paper read at 40th Algonquian Conference, Minneapolis, 2008.]
  • Cree language maintenance: A lesson in four generations. 2011. Say Magazine, 2011 Canada & US University and College Guide, pp. 52-53.
  • Arden Ogg & Ken Paupanekis. 2011. Building Cree Language Literacy Through Standard Spelling. Poster Presentation for the Manitoba Aboriginal Literacy Symposium, “New Relationships – New Opportunities.” Winnipeg.
  • Review of Priscilla Settee, The Strength of Women: âhkamêyihowak. Canadian Journal of Native Studies. 32.1:221. 2012.
  • Arden Ogg & Dorothy Thunder. 2013, 2014. Cree Language Facts for Editors of French and English. Language Portal of Canada, June 2013, October 2013, March 2014 (Federal government website for language professionals).
  • Cree Names of Cree-speaking Communities ( [Google Map, 2017.]
  • Supporting Cree as a 21st Century Language [paper read at Indigenous Mapping Workshop, Winnipeg, 2017.]
  • Arden Ogg & Solomon Ratt. 2018. Translating English into Cree: Not Just Lip Service. [paper read at Editors Canada annual conference, Saskatoon, 2018.]

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