Books in Cree

Books in Cree that use standard spelling are pretty rare, but a number of them are out there, and still available for purchase.

Our Dream Library of books in Cree is much, much bigger, though it will take a lifetime to fill. It will include whole collections of books for readers and students of Cree at every stage, such as:

  • baby board books
  • rocking chair books
  • illustrated series of children’s books for use in the classroom and at home
  • read-along books for language learners, that include readings in multiple dialects
  • illustrated (Cree-English) non-fiction for cultural learning
  • original fiction for readers of all ages
  • authentic Cree literature from spoken texts
  • authentic Cree literature written by Cree-speaking writers

For now, we look forward to each new addition as another important step in the revitalization of Cree language and culture.

By creating as many of these books as possible in bilingual Cree-English editions, we hope to make Cree cultural lessons available to both speakers and non-speakers alike. Where existing titles are currently out of print, we hope to encourage reprinting or development of new editions that include parallel bilingual presentation, glossaries, and other resources for language learners. Our ability to fill the shelves of Our Dream Library depends heavily on the generosity of like-minded individuals, institutions and funding agencies (public and private), whom we hope will join us in embracing the value and need for this work. Please contact us for further information if you would like to help.

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