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Darren Okemaysim is a y-dialect speaker who lives and teaches in Regina

Rock Spirits: Darren Okemaysimipan (y-dialect)

Today, we’re sharing an old FaceBook post from my late friend Darren Okemaysim that unexpectedly popped up on my computer screen this morning. (Cree uses the suffix “pan” to indicate that someone is deceased.) I believe Darren was quoting an … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Darren Okemaysim – Blessings (y-dialect)

There is sad news today of the passing of Darren Okemaysim at the age of 53. miyo-pimohtêho, nitôtêm: Travel well, my friend. May the ancestors greet you with joy.  (Find the official obituary here.)  We were blessed to have Darren … Continue reading

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tâpâhkômiwêwin “adopting others”: Darren Okemaysim (y-dialect)

I’m not sure what inspired this thought today from Darren Okemaysim, but it made me proud to feel that his words extend to me, and to Arok Wolvengrey, and our respective places in the extended adopted family of the late … Continue reading

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pimâtisiwin osâmi-apisâsin / Life is too short: Darren Okemaysim (y-dialect, audio)

          Darren Okemaysim translated this familiar, yet anonymous, text into Cree in 2013, before we were able to provide syllabics or audio. Since we’ve got a chance to update it now, perhaps we’d better take it! … Continue reading

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Speaking Cree to Power

We are all proud of Robert-Falcon Oullette for his role in bringing Cree into the House of Commons. As he reclaims the language which is his birthright, we are also proud of Kevin Lewis and Darren Okemaysim and others working … Continue reading

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Darren Okemaysim visits Parliament with Robert Falcon Ouellette

  Thank you to Darren Okemaysim for permission to use this photo of himself with Robert Falcon Ouellette (Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre) in the Parliamentary Library in Ottawa on 22 March 2018. This photo acknowledges a really proud … Continue reading

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FNU 2018 Powwow – Darren Okemaysim

Thanks to Darren Okemaysim for letting me post his powwow thought of the day: Consider it his personal invitation! wî-pwâtisimonâniwan ôta oskana kâ-asastêki. miywâsin mâna omânitêwak kâ-takosihkik êkwa mistahi ka-kiyokâtonâniwan. kaskêyihtamaskatiwinâniwan pâhkici mâna sipwêtêtwâwi ispîhk mâka ohcitaw miyo-ispayin kapê-ayi mâna. … Continue reading

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2017 Language Keepers Conference (via Darren Okemaysim)

Email for additional information: (or all the number on the poster!)

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pê-nêhiyawêk with Darren Okimaysim

Not only free language lessons, but free supper included as well! Sure wish I could join in!

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pê-nêhiyawêk: Come Speak Cree with Darren Okemaysim – Class 1 Video

Tonight (Monday, 3 October 2016) is class 2 in File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council’s new weekly Cree lessons with gold star Creecher Darren Okemaysim.  – and you can join in online. Meanwhile, here’s a link to video of the first class, … Continue reading

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