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Summary Paradigm Tables: The Decoder Ring of Cree Verbs (y- and th-dialects)

In English, we don’t waste much time with verb conjugations. We can cover almost every possibility (for the simple present, at least) with just one rule: “For 3rd person singular subjects (he/she/it), add an S to the verb stem.” Try … Continue reading

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From the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion (y-dialect, audio

Harry Raine, a Maskwacis Cree elder of the Louis Bull Tribe, brought the Cree language to Juno beach in Normandy to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-day 6 June 2019, and the Battle of Normandy. In honour of the fallen, … Continue reading

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miyo okâwîmâwi-kîsikanisik: Happy Mother’s Day

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Cree: Language of the Plains – Free Downloads – with audio by Jean Okimâsis

Exciting news for Cree language learners, through the generosity of Dr Jean Okimâsis and University of Regina Press.  Not only is Jean’s classic textbook now available for free download in “Open Textbook” format, it is now also available in free … Continue reading

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Beading Terms from itwêwina Online Dictionary

Someone asked for beading terms recently on FaceBook. It’s no substitute for sitting down and talking with a genuine Cree-speaking beading expert, but I was able to find a whole bunch of beading words by searching with keywords in the … Continue reading

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kinipān cī / Are you sleeping? (y-dialect, audio)

(An adaptation for Plains Cree of “Frère Jacques” (English: “Are You Sleeping”) by Arok Wolvengrey. Singing assistance by Solomon Ratt.) kinipān cī, kinipān cī, nistēs John? nistēs John? pē-tēpwēstamākēw, pē-tēpwēstamākēw: “waniskā! waniskā!”* kinipān cī, kinipān cī, nimis Joan? nimis Joan? … Continue reading

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SRO and Alphabet Soup: Building Cree Language Literacy through Standard Spelling

The Cree language may disappear before arguments about spelling come to an end, but here, for the record, is the text of a 2011 presentation given in Winnipeg by Ken Paupanekis & Arden Ogg. Ken Paupanekis is a Native speaker … Continue reading

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Star Vocabulary from Wilfred Buck – SRO, y-dialect

Wilfred Buck’s Tipiskawi Kisik / Night Sky Star Stories must have reached best seller status at McNally Robinson – and at Manitoba First Nations Education Centre where it was produced. It’s really a beauty. Here’s a link that includes a … Continue reading

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Solomon Goes Shopping: y-dialect

This video from Solomon Ratt offers a lot more lessons in language and “shopping culture” than you might expect, and leaves you with unexpected feels. While you’re learning vocabulary and pronunciation, take a moment to acknowledge the parts that *should … Continue reading

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Happy 2019 from Solomon Ratt and CLN

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