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SRO stands for Standard Roman Orthography. Following the work of our honorary founders Jean Okimâsis and the late Dr Ahenakew, it is at the root of everything we do at the Cree Literacy Network.

Why doesn’t Facebook Recognize Cree?

Not long ago on the Facebook Cree Word of the Day Group, somebody complained that Facebook should recognize Cree. A great idea, right? Why not? Here’s the single biggest reason: Spelling. Why does spelling matter? Like every other computer program, Facebook needs consistent spelling to make … Continue reading

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Automated Syllabic Conversion

Cree Syllabic Transliteration on the Desktop The debate about the best written form for the Cree language seems destined to continue for some time in Western Canada. Some communities prefer “Standard Roman Orthography” (SRO) which uses alphabetic letters (just like English); other … Continue reading

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So what’s a macron anyway?

For people learning to read and write in Cree, macrons — those little bars that appear over vowels — are often a bit of an irritant. Here’s what they are, and why they’re useful. “Macron” is the technical name of … Continue reading

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Six Great Reasons

Six Great Reasons to use SRO (Standard Roman Orthography) Speakers of different dialects can read and understand the same books. There is already a small, but growing, library of good books to read. You don’t need special software to type … Continue reading

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Reading Plains Cree in SRO

Note: This introductory lesson closely follows Chapter 3 of How to Spell it in Cree (The Standard Roman Orthography) written and published by Jean Okimāsis and Arok Wolvengrey in 2008. Where the original chapter addresses inter-dialect issues, this version (edited … Continue reading

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What is SRO?

Standard Roman Orthography (SRO) uses the letters of English alphabet (with a few modifications) to represent Cree language sounds. Each meaningful sound (or phoneme) is represented with one character. It is consistency of the sound-to-symbol correspondence that makes SRO effective. … Continue reading

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