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Christi Belcourt: What Adult Learners Need

Thanks to Christi Belcourt for permission to share this graphic (with its unmistakable painted beadwork) – and for allowing us to share the thoughts that give it context as well. As a second (and third!) language learner, Christi’s insights are … Continue reading

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Water Keeps Us Alive: International Water Day, 2021

nipiy kipimâcihikonaw : ᓂᐱᐩ ᑭᐱᒫᒋᐦᐃᑯᓇᐤ Water Keeps us Alive (Thanks to Solomon Ratt for this magical photo of a beaver swimming in sunlit Wascana Creek.) Water is fundamental to life: we can’t exist without it. Simon Bird (#CreeSimonSays) recently built … Continue reading

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Cree Language makes the CBC National News (with #CreeSimonSays)

The story began last week of a Canadian comic book publisher, Joseph John, astonished to discover there was no Google Translate option for Cree. Perhaps it was the request of a genuine cultural “outsider” (a real Indian from India!) that … Continue reading

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Becoming Proficient: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

okiskinwahamâkanak nikâh-kakîskimâwak: aniki kâ-nohtî-nîhithowîcik nohtâwîpan nikî-kiskinwahamâk ta-isi-tâpakwîyân. nikî-mîthik âpacihcikana ta-ohci-tâpakwâkiyân: cîkahikanis ta-kîskatahwakwâw miscikosak, tâpakwâniyâpiy, ikwa mohkomân ta-manisamân miscikosa ta-sihtoskahamân tâpakwân. nikî-kiskinohtahik ita ta-miskamân wâposo-mîskanâsa ikwa mîna ta-isi-nisitawinamân iyakoni. nikî-kiskinwahamâk ta-isi-othastâyân tâpakwâniyâpiy ikwa tânisi ta-isi-akotâyân wâposo-mîskanâsihk. nistam kâ-akotâyân wâposo-tâpakwân nikî-mamâthân mâka … Continue reading

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MESC Learning Services Announces Syllabics for Chromebooks

Congratulations to Maskwacîs Education Schools Commission’s MESC Learning Services, and to all of our friends at University of Alberta’s AltLabs (especially you, Eddie Santos) on your collaboration with Google (through Software Engineer Craig Cornelius) to integrate Plains Cree syllabics into … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Solomon Ratt!

There are too many candles on Sol’s cake to count this year. Hope he doesn’t set off the smoke alarm. For his birthday, he asked for new copies of his favourite dictionary, which he has used until they’re falling apart. … Continue reading

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Rock Your Mocs Week, 9-16 November 2019

takahkiska kipahkêkinaskisina. ᑕᑲᐦᑭᓴᑲ ᑭᐸᐦᑫᑭᓇᐢᑭᓇ᙮ Look good wearing your moccasins.   cihkêyihta ta-kikiskaman kipahkêkinaskisina. ᒋᐦᑫᔨᐦᑕ ᑕᑭᑭᐢᑲᒪᐣ ᑭᐸᐦᑫᑭᓇᐢᑭᓇ᙮Be happy to wear your moccasins.  We love the whole idea of “Rock your Mocs” as to reminder to embrace and celebrate Indigenous heritage by showing … Continue reading

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Unifying Written Inuktitut: Choosing Standard Spelling to Support Language Retention

What does a 21st-century Indigenous language sound like? How does it use print to promote literacy and help sustain itself? These questions are the foundation of everything we do at the Cree Literacy Network. Who knew the Inuit have been … Continue reading

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Beading Terms from itwêwina Online Dictionary

Someone asked for beading terms recently on FaceBook. It’s no substitute for sitting down and talking with a genuine Cree-speaking beading expert, but I was able to find a whole bunch of beading words by searching with keywords in the … Continue reading

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SRO and Alphabet Soup: Building Cree Language Literacy through Standard Spelling

The Cree language may disappear before arguments about spelling come to an end, but here, for the record, is the text of a 2011 presentation given in Winnipeg by Ken Paupanekis & Arden Ogg. Ken Paupanekis is a Native speaker … Continue reading

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