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Solomon’s Christmas Cards 2017 (y- and th-dialects with audio)

Help spread the Christmas spirit in Cree with very best holiday wishes from the Cree Literacy Network. Download Solomon Ratt’s Christmas card images to print your own cards. And don’t forget to listen to the audio to practise your pronunciation! … Continue reading

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Calling Lake Christmas 2017 – Don’t Miss It!

If you’re in the area, be sure not to miss this year’s Christmas Dinner and Show at Calling Lake. If you learn only one Cree word before you go, make sure it’s mâmaskâc! (Congratulations, Lance and crew: I’m sure you’ll … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Calling Lake and Lance Cardinal (2016)

From the 2016 community ice show in Calling Lake! I didn’t discover this little piece of magic until January, so I’ve held it to share on its anniversary in 2017. I can’t wait to see what Lance and his Calling … Continue reading

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12 Days of Christmas: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect, with audio)

What do you get if you take a Christmas song that’s already loved for packing in a lot of nonsense, and translate it into Cree where the nonsense demands a whole lot more syllables? (Thanks, Sol: Love the hat!) A … Continue reading

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Who knew Santa was a Hoop Dancer?

James Jones gives a new definition to “lively and quick” in this epic hoop dance that Cathy Wheaton recently shared on Facebook. He’s dancing to Moccasin Burner by Northern Cree, but his moves are flashier than the lights on that … Continue reading

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Christmas Songs & Carols – 2016

A collection of Christmas songs translated into Cree – mostly by Dolores Sand – who also kindly permitted the use of her audio recordings. Hope this helps out some of her fellow “Creechers” as they prepare for Christmas concert season! … Continue reading

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Christmas wishes from Neal McLeod*

(*Whom I’ve heard Santa sometimes calls âpihtaw-Abba in honour of his Cree-Swedish heritage.) tânisi santî kônat. mitonê kipah-pitikosin. ê-mah-mikoskâtêyihtamihit. kîspin ayiwak ê-pitosipayan, kisôkâwâspinên. minisa piko astêwa nicâhyihk. mahti mîciso ôma. pêyahtik santî kônat, pêyahtik. dear santa claus. you have become very chubby. … Continue reading

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Christmas Greetings 2015 – From Solomon Ratt and the Cree Literacy Network!

Complete with audio! It was an honour to receive this greeting from Solomon Ratt (who is always much more prepared than I am!) and to pass it on to everyone in our Cree Literacy Network. The artwork is Sol’s own … Continue reading

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A Christmas Residential School Memory from Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

  Thanks to Solomon for sharing this bittersweet memory to coincide with the release of the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission – and in time for Christmas. (For more of Sol’s residential school stories, click on “Read Along … Continue reading

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miyo-manitowi-kîsikanisik with help from Rocky Morin

From the 2011 Grandma Jean Round Dance, via YouTube, Rocky Morin of Thundering Spirit sends wishes for Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with just the right amount of sâkihitowin thrown in for good measure. Here’s some help for returning … Continue reading

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