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Angelic new Cree-ations for Christmas 2013

From Jackie “Creeative Native” Traverse in Winnipeg: “When I was a little girl I used to wonder why all the angels had blonde hair and blue eyes…” Jackie is hard at work creating new images for Christmas greetings. Watch for … Continue reading

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The Little Drummer Boy

āstamik itwāniwan,      pā ram pa pa pam, okimāw nihtāwikiw,      pā ram pa pa pam mēkiwina miyātān,      pā ram pa pa pam okimāw kita-miyak,      pā ram pa pa pam,      ram pa … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards and Greetings

Christmas greetings in several dialects from Solomon Ratt, formatted for cards as a downloadable pdf: miyoxmas Aaron Paquette’s 2012 Christmas Greeting:

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Christmas Songs and Carols

Angels We have Heard on High Ave Maria The Chipmunk Christmas Song The Huron Carol Jingle Bells / sêwêyâkanak The Little Drummer Boy Mary Okosisa / Mary’s Boy Child O Holy Night Santa Claus is Coming to Town / Santa Claus wi-takosin Silent Night / kāmwāci … Continue reading

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A Christmas message from Aaron Paquette to Remember All Year Long

There is enough and more for all. Taking makes us empty. Giving fills our souls. Live in faith and discard fear and serve your fellow being. It’s really that simple. When I see people with status emblems I wonder why … Continue reading

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More Christmas Carols

Thanks to Daniel O’Shea for the use of this chilly winter moon painting to accompany the Huron Carol in the collection of Christmas Carols in Cree. Listen to the Huron Carol sung in Cree by Dolores Sand here – or … Continue reading

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The Chipmunk Christmas Song

  (from Dolores Sand’s CD, manitowi-kîsikâw) Christmas, Christmas time is near Time for toys and time for cheer We’ve been good but we can’t last Hurry Christmas, hurry fast. Want a plane that loops the loop Me, I want a hula … Continue reading

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Cree Christmas Present

With Christmas approaching, Dolores Sand has put me to work making her collection of Christmas Carols available here at the Cree Literacy Network. I’ll be adding them a few at a time to the “pages” menu of the website, under … Continue reading

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kāmwāci tipiskāw / Silent Night (y-dialect, audio)

With thanks to Aaron Paquette for his generous permission. (from Dolores Sand’s CD, manitowi-kîsikâw) kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw kāmwātan, wāsēyāw Mary mīna manitow awāsis awāsis ē-kiyāmēwisit wētinahk na-nipāw kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw okanawēyicikēwak matwē-koskwēyihtamwak opimācihiwēw anōhc nihtāwikiw kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw manitowokosisān miyinān … Continue reading

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What Child is This?

Click here to listen to Falynn on Youtube: kīko awāsis awa Mary kā-tākonāt kīsikowak atamiskawēwak okanawēyicikēwak ina kihci-manitow awa kā-nihtāwikit ōma anohc kihipa mamihcimihk awa Mary okosisa sōsōwatim ma-mīcisow itē ōma kā-nihtāwikit kiyānaw ohci Jesus kā-pē-kitimākisit  okimāwak wahyaw ohci … Continue reading

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