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tâpiskôc otêhimin: Naomi McIlwraith (y-dialect)

tâpiskôc otêhimin “just like a strawberry” – or “heart berry” if you translate more literally from Cree. Thank you, Naomi McIlwraith, for sharing these sweet, tangy, and even silly thoughts of love in a cold climate. tâpiskôc otêhimin, my heart … Continue reading

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Sweet Talk for your Valentine (Andrea Custer)

Andrea Custer has promised us 14 days of sweet nothings to whisper on Valentine’s Day (virtually, or within your safe bubble, of course!), and she’s given permission to share them, too. (Solomon Ratt has reminded us they should also come … Continue reading

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Passionate Hearts from Simon Bird 2020

The talk of love is getting pretty serious around here (though we’re keeping it G-rated), with four new talking hearts from Simon Bird. Thanks to Solomon Ratt for supplying audio. These are correct as-is for y-dialect; For th-dialect, change all of … Continue reading

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Good news for Valentine’s Day! Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

oskinîkiw: î-pî-nitomiskwîmitân awa kitânis. ᐅᐢᑭᓃᑭᐤ:   ᐄ ᐲ ᓂᑐᒥᐢᑹᒥᑖᐣ ᐊᐘ ᑭᑖᓂᐢ᙮ Young dude: I have come to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage. kisîyinîw: î-mwayî-kîsasiwâtamân kîspin ôma ka-mitho-wîcîwihtonânowin nîkân wîhtamawin kinîkihokwak owîhthowiniwâwa, kohkom ikwa kimosôm owîhthowiniwâwa, kôcâpânak owîhthowiniwâwa, kitâniskotâpânak owîhthowiniwâwa, kihcâniskocâpâmak owîhthowiniwâwa. … Continue reading

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miyo-sâkihitowin-kîsikanisik 2019! Talking Hearts

Ever wonder what those little candy hearts might say if they were written in Cree?  Solomon Ratt knows all kinds of sweet nothings (!) but I opted to keep this G-rated for classroom use.  😉 Maybe there’s even a classroom … Continue reading

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miyo-sâkihitowin-kîsikanisik! Happy Love Day!

You’ll all be my nîcimosak if you copy and paste some of these images to share the love today. And while you’re at it – by special request (thanks, Sol!) – Here’s Dolores Sand’s recording of ninanamipayin (All Shook Up): … Continue reading

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Some Valentine’s Day tips from #CreeSimonSays and #LilMoshom

One of the many great moments I enjoyed at the library naming last week was meeting Simon Bird, yet another of Freda’s former students who’s still out there promoting Cree language and literacy. Here – with his permission – is … Continue reading

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You always come first with me: kisâkihitin and “Order of Persons” in Cree

“I love you” (singular “you”). Literally: “You are loved by me.” (Scroll down for plural form). Thanks to Arok Wolvengrey and Mary Cardinal Collins for letting me share their Facebook discussion of why, in Cree, kisâkihitin ‘I love you’ begins with … Continue reading

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A little love for Valentine’s Day (y-dialect)

Three choices of Valentine’s greeting from Solomon Ratt: miyo-sâkihitowin-kîsikanisik: Happy love day. miyo-mitêhi-kîsikanisik – happy heart day miyo-wîcimosiwi-kîsikanisik – happy sweetheart day. From (complete with audio and a cute kohkom!) (In standard spelling, we would write kîcimos, to show the long … Continue reading

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