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Many Cree communities prefer to read and write using syllabics. Find lessons here about their origin, and about how they relate to SRO.

Unifying Written Inuktitut: Choosing Standard Spelling to Support Language Retention

What does a 21st-century Indigenous language sound like? How does it use print to promote literacy and help sustain itself? These questions are the foundation of everything we do at the Cree Literacy Network. Who knew the Inuit have been … Continue reading

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Wooden and Magnetic Syllabics Sets!

Contact Diane Ellis directly to learn more about these great sets (but be sure to tell her the Cree Literacy Network sent you!) The sets are customized to reflect the language (so Cree sets don’t have Inuit characters, and so … Continue reading

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A Syllabic Text from Remy Wes

Remy Wes sent this image of a page of printed syllabics into the FaceBook Group nêhiyawêwin (Cree) Word of the Day, asking for a translation. It turned into a big team effort, with help from lots of directions. Ultimately, it … Continue reading

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Syllabics and SRO: Two sides of the same coin

I realize that nobody asked my opinion (!) but this is what a good, contemporary Plains Cree syllabic chart looks like to me, and to my colleagues at the Cree Literacy Network. This was designed by Arok Wolvengrey, and printed … Continue reading

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Chapter One Videos – Sound System, SRO & Syllabics

SRO Consonants Pronouncing Syllabics Introductions My Relatives

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Historical Syllabic Newsletters in the Early Canadiana Online Collection

Thanks to Andre L’Hirondelle for digging up the link to this collection of 40 newsletters, published in syllabics by Oblate Missionaries in the Lake Ste Anne area of Alberta between 1900 and 1903. Of course the fun part (for somebody) … Continue reading

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John Murdoch, 1981, on Syllabics

Although the Cree Literacy Network maintains its preference for Standard Roman Orthography, the syllabic system still retains a healthy collection of advocates. An interesting — but lengthy — read for both sides of the discussion is presented in the 1981 … Continue reading

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A serious read on Syllabics: The M.Ed thesis of John Murdoch

Those who favour the use of syllabics over roman may appreciate the research and insights of John Murdoch, a Native speaker of Cree, who completed a Master of Education degree at the University of Manitoba in 1981. There are a … Continue reading

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Automated Syllabic Conversion

Cree Syllabic Transliteration on the Desktop The debate about the best written form for the Cree language seems destined to continue for some time in Western Canada. Some communities prefer “Standard Roman Orthography” (SRO) which uses alphabetic letters (just like English); other … Continue reading

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Another version of Cree Literacy: The Cree story of Syllabics

The role of James Evans in the creation and popularization of syllabics is described in dozens of articles that show up in a Google search. I don’t believe any of them name his Cree collaborators, such as the many-times-great-grandfather of … Continue reading

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