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Real Cree Literacy includes much more than language. Posts in this category teach about history, culture, Indigenous Knowledge (science), community, identity and rights.

Moon Phases – Shannon Dumba

Thanks to Shannon Dumba, an enthusiastic student of Cree (and my fellow “Rhythm Ratt”) for sharing her how she’s learned the moon’s phases in Cree. She illustrated them with this beautiful collage, she used them in writing an original poem … Continue reading

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Canada Day 2021 – No Pride in Genocide: Andrea Custer (th-dialect)

oh kānata, namōtha kīkway takī-mamīhcihin mīscihtāsowin! ᐅᐦ ᑳᓇᑕ, ᓇᒨᖬ ᑮᑿᐩ ᑕᑮ ᒪᒦᐦᒋᐦᐃᐣ ᒦᐢᒋᐦᑖᓱᐏᐣ! Oh Canada, there is no pride in GENOCIDE! anohc kā-kīsikāk mihcīt athisitiniwak mōcikīthihtamwak māka mīna mihcēt namwāc cīhkīthihtamwak, tāpiskōc nītha. tānisīsi māka ta-kī-isi-mīthwīthihtamān ōma kīsikāw ikwa anohcīki pīthisk … Continue reading

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2021 FNUC Valedictory Address: Darian Agecoutay (âcikahtê)

Congratulations and thanks to Darian Âcikahtê for permitting us to share text from the Cree portion of his Valedictory address at yesterday’s First Nations University 2021 Graduation. Listen and enjoy his confidence and fluency as you read along, then scroll … Continue reading

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Our Muslim Siblings

niwîci-ayamihâmânânak nîcisâninânak môslimak nikitimâkeyimânânak nîcisâninânak môslimak ᓂᐑᒋ ᐊᔭᒥᐦᐋᒫᓈᓇᐠ ᓃᒋᓵᓂᓈᓇᐠ ᒨᐢᓬᐃᒪᐠ ᓂᑭᑎᒫᑫᔨᒫᓈᓇᐠ ᓃᒋᓵᓂᓈᓇᐠ ᒨᐢᓬᐃᒪᐠ We pray with our Muslim siblings We grieve with our Muslim siblings [lit., We offer our condolences to our Muslim siblings] (Thanks to Kevin Brousseau and Solomon Ratt … Continue reading

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Good wishes for Maria Campbell

kimamihcihinân ê-nisitawêyimikawiyan kitatoskêwin ohci. kinanâskomitinân kâ-pê-sâh-sîhkimacik oskâyak ta-masinahikêcik.  You make us proud in being recognized for your work. We thank you for encouraging young people to write. [Photo credit: Ted Whitecalf] Thanks to Solomon Ratt for helping to express our … Continue reading

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Gerald Kuehl’s portrait of our Honorary Elder, Bette Spence

Our dearly loved honorary elder Ruth Elizabeth “Bette” Spence was just a kid of 99 when  Gerald Kuehl created this remarkable pencil portrait of her in 2019. It’s part of his “Portraits of the Plains” collection.  (Find more of his … Continue reading

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The Rainbow: Read along in Cree

ninanâskomon. I am grateful. It’s really exciting to see another rich layer added to this beautiful book and story from traditional Cree culture that centres on gratitude. The story told by Alberta Cree Elder and WW2 veteran, James “Smokey” Tomkins … Continue reading

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Puppy Willows (?)

Who knew that pussy willows could change species in translation? According to Solomon Ratt, the Cree word for pussy willows is acimosihkânisak, literally, little pretend puppies. The word includes atim “dog” with its “t” changed to “c” and an “s” … Continue reading

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Celebrating Goose Break, 2021

In northern Ontario and Québec, Cree people celebrate the return of the geese with a dedicated week (or more) of family hunting time on the land. They call it “Goose Break”. My friend Jocelyn Cheechoo of Moose Factory calls it … Continue reading

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kâniyâsihk Spring Hide-tanning Camp, 2021

Thanks to Kevin Lewis for sharing his photos of this spring’s Hide Tanning Camp at Kaniyasihk Culture Camps (it’s fun to see some familiar faces). Here’s what he had to say about it (thanks so much, Kevin!) Important Covid note: … Continue reading

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