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Real Cree Literacy includes much more than language. Posts in this category teach about history, culture, Indigenous Knowledge (science), community, identity and rights.

Stay home: Learn Cree – 7. Kinship Terms

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Wîsahkêcahk self-medicates for Coronavirus (Solomon Ratt: th-dialect)

[An entirely made-up legend, but – like all legends – it offers an important lesson!] kîtahtawî îsa wîsahkîcâhk kî-wâpahtam mihkwâkanasinahikanihk î-âsôskamâkâniwik ohpanahpinîwin ikwa mihcît athisitiniwa î-nanâtawihisocik nîhithaw-maskihkiya ohci. wîsta papâmi-môsahkinam nîhithaw-maskihkiya, athisk î-tâpwîhtahk kahkithaw nanâtohk kîkway kayâs ohci î-mithwâsinithik. ikwâni … Continue reading

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Trees: Charlie Venne & Solomon Ratt (y- and th-dialects)

In November 2019, Charlie Venne prepared a great teaching presentation featuring the names of trees in Woodland Cree, complete with photos and audio for pronunciation. You can view his post on his First Nation Stories website, at Inspired by … Continue reading

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Sweetgrass: Neil Redcrow (y-dialect)

Thanks to Neil Redcrow for reminding us of the role of sweetgrass in prayer: a thought worth remembering every day, especially in Cree.

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nimiyoskâkon ninehiyâwiwin – My Cree Nurtures Me : Dorothy Thunder (y-dialect)

Thanks to Dorothy Thunder (Professor of Cree at University of Alberta and longtime friend and language warrior) for sharing this poem (including audio) that formed the centre of her November 2019 presentation at the SICC Language Keepers Conference. nimiyoskâkon ninêhiyâwiwin … Continue reading

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nikâwiy and awâsis: New Cree names for a planet and a star

Thanks to Alberta teacher Amanda Green and Wilfred Buck and the International Astronomical Union, Star HD 136418 is now officially named “Nikawiy“, which is the Cree word for “mother”, and planet HD 136418b is now officially known as “Awasis“, the … Continue reading

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môswa kâ-itâpacihiht / How Moose can be Used: Solomon Ratt (th- and y-dialects)

Thanks to Solomon Ratt for his text (and PowerPoint, and reading) and Christine Ravenis for her gorgeous images, shared together in this lesson video. Watch and read along, or scroll down to find text in printable form.

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Cree Prisoner’s Song: William Burn Stick c. 1966

The late Tyrone Tootoosis, Jr is sorely missed, though his spirit remains with many. I suspect it’s his post from five years ago this week that has the Cree Prisoner’s Song circulating on FaceBook once again. Here’s what Tyrone said … Continue reading

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Darlene Auger’s Lullabye Teachings

I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Darlene Auger’s Cree lullabies, though I haven’t managed to get a copy of my own just yet. Thanks to Kevin Lewis for sharing this YouTube video of Darlene offering her teachings to two moms … Continue reading

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tâpâhkômiwêwin “adopting others”: Darren Okemaysim (y-dialect)

I’m not sure what inspired this thought today from Darren Okemaysim, but it made me proud to feel that his words extend to me, and to Arok Wolvengrey, and our respective places in the extended adopted family of the late … Continue reading

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