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Puppy Willows (?)

Who knew that pussy willows could change species in translation? According to Solomon Ratt, the Cree word for pussy willows is acimosihkânisak, literally, little pretend puppies. The word includes atim “dog” with its “t” changed to “c” and an “s” … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Info in Cree and English from Simon Bird (th-dialect)

Thanks to Simon Bird (#creesimonsays) for preparing this video aimed at fluent speakers, but including good English content as well. As a former chief, Simon has direct information from Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) emergency response team. As a … Continue reading

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Wisahkecahk self-medicates for Coronavirus (Solomon Ratt: th-dialect)

[An entirely made-up legend, but – like all legends – it offers an important lesson!] kîtahtawî îsa wîsahkîcâhk kî-wâpahtam mihkwâkanasinahikanihk î-âsôskamâkâniwik ohpanahpinîwin ikwa mihcît athisitiniwa î-nanâtawihisocik nîhithaw-maskihkiya ohci. wîsta papâmi-môsahkinam nîhithaw-maskihkiya, athisk î-tâpwîhtahk kahkithaw nanâtohk kîkway kayâs ohci î-mithwâsinithik. ikwâni … Continue reading

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Trees: Charlie Venne & Solomon Ratt (y- and th-dialects)

In November 2019, Charlie Venne prepared a great teaching presentation featuring the names of trees in Woodland Cree, complete with photos and audio for pronunciation. You can view his post on his First Nation Stories website, at Inspired by … Continue reading

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Sweetgrass: Neil Redcrow (y-dialect)

Thanks to Neil Redcrow for reminding us of the role of sweetgrass in prayer: a thought worth remembering every day, especially in Cree.

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Birch Syrup Video: Solomon Ratt (y-dialect)

Making birch syrup is a great traditional way to greet the spring. Christine Ravenis’s photos are the next best thing to being there (if only they could include a taste.) This presentation by Solomon Ratt is equal parts dialogue-style text, … Continue reading

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Four Sacred Smudges & Protocol

Thanks to Ramona Washburn sharing this great poster identifying the four sacred medicines used for smudging.

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Traditional Indigenous Knowledge / Science Resources for Teachers #CreeSimonSays

Thanks to #CreeSimonSays on Facebook for inspiring this conversation, and thanks to the teachers who contributed with their favourite resources. I was intrigued with some of the additional titles a quick Google search turned up. I can’t speak to the … Continue reading

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Knighton Hillstrom on Medicinal Plants via Cathy Wheaton at Lac LaRonge

têniki to Cathy Wheaton for permission to share this video recorded at Lac la Ronge Indian Band Health Services (LLRIBHS) Cultural Gathering in La Ronge, August 2017. Our instructor is Knighton Hillstrom who teaches us about handling the plants with respect … Continue reading

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Muskeg Tea: kâkikêpakwa / maskêkopakwa

From “Irene Muswagon’s Herbal Remedies,” Chapter VIII in Norway House Anthology: Stories of the Elders, Volume I by Byron Apetagon, pp. 52-53. Frontier School Division No. 48. Muskeg Tea kâkikêpakwa means “forever leaves” in Cree. kâkikêpakwa plants grow in areas where … Continue reading

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