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National Indigenous People’s Language Day, 2021

askiy kitohtâpamihikonaw; yôtin kitohtâyêhyêhikonaw; iskotêw kitohtâkîsôwihikonaw; nipiy kitohtâminihkwênaw; kipîkiskwêwininawa, kitâtayôhkêwininawa, kiwâhkômitowininawa, kimâmawinitowininawa kahkiyaw ôhi kitohtâpamihikonaw, kahkiyaw kipimâcihikonaw. ᐊᐢᑭᐩ ᑭᑐᐦᑖᐸᒥᐦᐃᑯᓇᐤ; ᔫᑎᐣ ᑭᑐᐦᑖᔦᐦᔦᐦᐃᑯᓇᐤ; ᐃᐢᑯᑌᐤ ᑭᑐᐦᑖᑮᓲᐏᐦᐃᑯᓇᐤ; ᓂᐱᐩ ᑭᑐᐦᑖᒥᓂᐦᑵᓇᐤ; ᑭᐲᑭᐢᑵᐏᓂᓇᐘ, ᑭᑖᑕᔫᐦᑫᐏᓂᓇᐘ, ᑭᐚᐦᑰᒥᑐᐏᓂᓇᐘ, ᑭᒫᒪᐏᓂᑐᐏᓂᓇᐘ ᑲᐦᑭᔭᐤ ᐆᐦᐃ ᑭᑐᐦᑖᐸᒥᐦᐃᑯᓇᐤ, ᑲᐦᑭᔭᐤ ᑭᐱᒫᒋᐦᐃᑯᓇᐤ᙮ Earth nourishes us; Wind gives us air to … Continue reading

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Shane L. Koyczan: Inconvenient Skin, translated into Cree by Solomon Ratt (y-dialect)

There are many, many reviews to be found on Google praising this 2019 publication from Theytus Books. The book remains shortlisted for the 2019 CODE Burt Award for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Young Adult Literature – the awarding of … Continue reading

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tâpiskôc otêhimin: Naomi McIlwraith (y-dialect)

tâpiskôc otêhimin “just like a strawberry” – or “heart berry” if you translate more literally from Cree. Thank you, Naomi McIlwraith, for sharing these sweet, tangy, and even silly thoughts of love in a cold climate. tâpiskôc otêhimin, my heart … Continue reading

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My Country ’tis of Thy People You’re Dying: Buffy Sainte-Marie

The legendary Buffy Sainte-Marie wrote this song during the civil rights movement in the 60s. She has called it, “Indian 101 for people who’ve been denied the real history.” It’s an anthem to decolonization, and its razor-sharp words describe an … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Louise Halfe!

There are literally dozens of news stories today reporting the appointment of Plains Cree-speaking poet Louise Halfe to the post of parliamentary poet laureate. As great fans of Louise and the way she captures the magic of nêhiyawêwin in her … Continue reading

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How do I love you? (Solomon Ratt, y-dialect)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43 is one of the most widely recognized love poems on the planet. The strictly structured poetry that we think of as “classical” in English doesn’t need to be preserved to make it beautiful in Cree. … Continue reading

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How we kill our language: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

tânihki ôma kipîkiskwîwininaw kâ-ati-wanihtâyahk?wîtha kîthânaw î-itôtâsoyahk:tâhtwâw îkâ kâ-nîhithowîmititoyahk;tahtwâw îkâ kâ-nîhithowîyahk ispî kâ-mâmawinitoyahk;tahtwâw îkâ kâ-nîhithowîyahk ispî kâ-mâmawapiyahk;tahtwâw îkâ kâ-nîhithowîyahk ispî kâ-kiskinwahamâkîyahk;tahtwâw îkâ kâ-nîhithowîyahk ispî kâ-âcathohkîyahk;tahtwâw îkâ kâ-nîhitowîyahk ispî kâ-kâkîsimoyahk;tahtwâw kâ-kitimâkimâyahk oskâya kâ-kakwî-nîhithowît: “kimôniyâwihtâkosin mâna,” î-isi-nanôthacimâyahk.ikosi kitisi-nisowanâcihtânaw kipîkiskwîwininaw: mitoni tâpiskôc î-ati-nisowanâcihisômakahk kipîpiskwîwininaw. … Continue reading

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From the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion (y-dialect, audio

Harry Raine, a Maskwacis Cree elder of the Louis Bull Tribe, brought the Cree language to Juno beach in Normandy to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-day 6 June 2019, and the Battle of Normandy. In honour of the fallen, … Continue reading

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Solomon Ratt: Beauty Way (y-dialect)

Photograph and translation into Cree by Solomon Ratt from the traditional Navajo verse.

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Rosanna Deerchild – Translated by Solomon Ratt (th-dialect, with audio)

It’s been exciting to see Rosanna’s beautiful book, Calling Down the Sky (Bookland, 2015) nominated for so many literary awards this spring. Rosanna’s telling of her mama’s residential school story brought tears to many eyes at the 47th Algonquian Conference last October, where I got … Continue reading

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