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Solomon’s Christmas Cards 2018 (y-, th-dialects)

Just like Sol himself, these Christmas cards get better every year. Download them to print for yourself, but don’t forget to practice your pronunciation by listening to the audio! For additional Christmas material, look for “Christmas” in the Category menu … Continue reading

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A prayer to the four directions: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect, y-dialect)

th-dialect: kisîmanitow, kinanâskomitin kotak kîsikâw î-mithiyan mâci-kîsikanohk isi nimawimôstamowâw mikisiw-ahcahk kita-nâkatawîthimât oskawâsisa ikwa kita-mîthit sîpîthihtamowin. nipakitinâw cistîmâw; sâwanohk isi nimawimôstamowâw âpakosîs-ahcahk kita-nâkatawîthimât oskâya ikwa kita-mîthit kisîwâtisowin. nipakitinîn paskwâwihkaskwa; pahkisimonihk isi nimawimôstamowâw paskwâwimostos-ahcahk kita-nâkatawîthimât okîsohpikiwa ikwa kita-mîthit sîpiyawîsiwin. nipakitinîn wîhkaskwa; kîwîtinohk … Continue reading

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Louis Says: Cree Language Episodes Online at APTN

If you’re not already a fan of the APTN animated kids’ series Louis Says, you’re probably about to become one. Solomon Ratt recently shared this APTN link which includes full Cree-language episodes of the series. The idea of the show … Continue reading

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Indigenous People’s Day 2018 – Solomon Ratt

mitho-ithiniw-kîsikanisik  /  ᒥᖪᐃᖨᓂᐤᑮᓯᑲᓂᓯᐠ mino-ininiw-kîsikanisik  /  ᒥᓄᐃᓂᓂᐤᑮᓯᑲᓂᓯᐠ miyo-iyiniw-kîsikanisik  /  ᒥᔪ ᐃᔨᓂᐤ ᑮᓯᑲᓂᓯᐠ Happy Indigenous People’s Day! Indigenous People’s Day falls on the Summer Solstice. We don’t have a word that means “solstice” but kâ-mâwaci-kino-kîsikâk means ‘longest day of the year’. It’s also … Continue reading

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For Father’s Day: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect)

    ispî kâ-kî-awâsisîwiyân kapî mâna nikî-wîcîwâw nohtâwîpan kâ-papâmahkamikisit. nikî-wîcîwâw kâ-nitawi-tâpwakît ikwa mîna kâ-kî-nâtakwît; nikî-wîcîwâw kâ-kî-nitawi-pakitahwât ikwa mîna kâ-kî-nâtathapît; nikî-wîcîwâw kâ-kî-nitawi-wanihikît ikwa mîna kâ-kî-nitaiwi-nâciwanihikanît; nikî-wîcîwâw kâ-kî-nâcihmihtîhahk ikwa kâ-nitawiminît. kahkithaw iyakoni kîkwaya nikî-ati-kiskîthihtîn, î-kî-kiskinwawâpamak nohtâwîpan. ikwa ispî kâ-kî-mâci-ayamihcikiyân tâpiskôc îkâ kîkway … Continue reading

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Psalm 23 (th-dialect, y-dialect)

A recent request on nêhiyawêwin (Cree) Word of the Day asked for a th-dialect version of the 23rd psalm, so committed heathen Solomon Ratt immediately jumped right to the rescue. Fortunately for us, Dolores Sand had already jumped to our … Continue reading

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Horse Lips: Solomon Ratt (th-dialect, with audio)

  ohpimî kiskinwahamâtowikamikohk kî-astîw mînisihtakâw ikota mâna kî-ohci-mawisowak okiskinwahamâkîwak wîsakipicikwâsa, î-âh-asamihkoyahkwâw ispî kâ-atihtîki. mâka mâna mihcîtwâw nikî-nitawi-kimotinân. ᐅᐦᐱᒦ ᑭᐢᑭᓌᐦᐊᒫᑐᐏᑲᒥᑯᕽ ᑮ ᐊᐢᑏᐤ ᒦᓂᓯᐦᑕᑳᐤ ᐃᑯᑕ ᒫᓇ ᑮ ᐅᐦᒋ ᒪᐏᓱᐘᐠ ᐅᑭᐢᑭᓌᐦᐊᒫᑮᐘᐠ ᐑᓴᑭᐱᒋᒁᓴ, ᐄ ᐋᐦ ᐊᓴᒥᐦᑯᔭᐦᒁᐤ ᐃᐢᐲ ᑳ ᐊᑎᐦᑏᑭ᙮ ᒫᑲ ᒫᓇ ᒥᐦᒌᑤᐤ ᓂᑮ ᓂᑕᐏ … Continue reading

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Charlie Venne: Cree Videos for Everybody

Go Charlie Venne! Thanks for sharing your new YouTube channel with all of us! Click on the video to play it – and  I’ve already hit “subscribe” on your YouTube page – I hope lots of others do as well.  … Continue reading

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Solomon’s Christmas Cards 2017 (y- and th-dialects with audio)

Help spread the Christmas spirit in Cree with very best holiday wishes from the Cree Literacy Network. Download Solomon Ratt’s Christmas card images to print your own cards. And don’t forget to listen to the audio to practise your pronunciation! … Continue reading

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Catherine Moise’s Little Song (th-dialect, video)

A really charming little song from Catherine Moise of Lac Brochet who made up her own Cree words to the tune of Mother Maybelle Carter’s You are my Flower – and had her daughter Lisa post it on Facebook,. People … Continue reading

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