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The Lord’s Prayer (Dolores Sand, y-dialect)

This traditional Christian prayer is given here to answer a request made in the  #CreeSimonSays FaceBook Group. The audio recording was provided by Dolores Greyeyes Sand, who learned this translation at the Church of St Joseph, in John D’Or Prairie … Continue reading

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Ear Worm of the Day (Solomon Ratt, y-dialect)

It can be hard to fit all of the syllables of Cree into a simple English song. Sometimes it helps to imagine somebody speaking really fast (to see which syllables seem to disappear). Sometimes the laugh is worth the try … Continue reading

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A Wish for 2021 (Solomon Ratt: y-dialect)

pitanê oski-askîwin 2021 kakî-ohpinênaw nêhiyawêwin. ᐱᑕᓀ ᐅᐢᑭ ᐊᐢᑮᐏᐣ 2021 ᑲᑮ ᐅᐦᐱᓀᓇᐤ ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ᙮ May we, in the new year 2021, all lift up the Cree language. With thanks to all those who have shared their skill and knowledge with us this year, and … Continue reading

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Beautiful: Willie Thrasher, translated by Solomon Ratt (y-dialect)

Indigenous Folk/Rock legend Willie Thrasher and his song “Beautiful” were both new to me when Solomon Ratt presented this translation, so I had to learn more. Perhaps the best piece I found was from the May 2020 issue of Native … Continue reading

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How do I love you? (Solomon Ratt, y-dialect)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43 is one of the most widely recognized love poems on the planet. The strictly structured poetry that we think of as “classical” in English doesn’t need to be preserved to make it beautiful in Cree. … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Safety Reminder (y-dialect)

A Covid-19 reminder from the world’s social distancing champ and your friends at (Notice also the sôskwâc : sâskwâc “minimal pair“!) (Text thanks to Arok Wolvengrey; audio thanks to Solomon Ratt.) ayapiw mâna sâskwâc. kîsta mîna: sôskwâc ta-kî-ayapiyan. “Sasquatch … Continue reading

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Spirituality: Solomon Ratt (y-, th- and n-dialects)

ahcâhkowin: askiy, kîsik, sîpiy, yôtin: miyo-wîcêhtowin kâ-kistêyihtamahk kahkiyaw ôhi. ᐊᐦᒑᐦᑯᐏᐣ:  ᐊᐢᑭᐩ,  ᑮᓯᐠ,  ᓰᐱᐩ,  ᔫᑎᐣ: ᒥᔪ ᐑᒉᐦᑐᐏᐣ  ᑳ ᑭᐢᑌᔨᐦᑕᒪᕽ  ᑲᐦᑭᔭᐤ  ᐆᐦᐃ᙮ Spirituality: earth, sky, river, wind: There is harmony when we respect all of these. th-dialect: ahcâhkowin: askiy kîsik sîpiy thôtin mitho-wîcîhtowin kâ-kistîthihtamahk … Continue reading

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Blueberry Hill (Karaoke): Solomon Ratt (y-dialect)

Yes, we all know it wasn’t actually blueberries Fats Domino was looking for upon Blueberry Hill, but his classic is still  fun to sing any time. Thanks to Solomon Ratt for the freshly translation (and karaoke performance!) so we can … Continue reading

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Falynn Baptiste Christmas Album 2020 (y-dialect)

Here is a special treat for Christmas 2020, ready to launch December 11th from Falynn Baptiste, who is a Cree-Métis woman form Red Pheasant First Nation. Enjoy her YouTube video of O Holy Night below, or listen here to samples … Continue reading

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Skinnard’s Simple Man: Art Napoleon (Northern y-dialect)

Thanks to Art Napoleon for permission to share his interpretation of Lynyrd Skinnard’s “Simple Man,” so we can all listen and sing along. Translating any song text into Cree presents a special kind of challenge. English words are typically short; … Continue reading

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