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CBC Radio presents Leaders’ Debate translated into Cree, Inuktitut and Ojibwe

Plains Cree history in the making, September 2019. Thanks to Kevin Lewis for sharing today’s CBC Radio news story (the original is in French): Radio-Canada présente les débats des chefs traduits en cri, en inuktitut, et en ojibwé. The debate … Continue reading

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Live, Love, Laugh!

Thanks to Arok Wolvengrey for these new printables to greet the fall (and thanks to Chris Ravenis for use of her photo). I think we might add a fourth line that reads, “Share widely” (If you don’t have access to … Continue reading

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Google Earth Celebrates Indigenous Languages – Including Cree

United Nations Day of Indigenous Peoples – 9 August 2019 – launched a worldwide tribute to Indigenous Languages through Google Earth and its story-telling tool, Voyager. The project, titled “Celebrating Indigenous Languages” encourages users to “Meet Indigenous Speakers and Learn … Continue reading

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kâhkâkiw: The Common Raven (th-dialect)

The raven’s call may be familiar to many, but Cree Literacy followers will immediately recognize the call of our favourite th-dialect speaker, Solomon Ratt, in this newly dubbed narration. (Read the CBC news announcement here.)  Congratulations to Hinterland Who’s Who … Continue reading

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Towards a Cree Listening Library: Francis Saysewehum and Sylvia McAdam (Saysewehum)

Today we join our prayers for the health of  Elder Francis Saysewehum with those of his daughter Sylvia McAdam Saysewehum and her many friends and followers. Sylvia, who is known around the world as a founder of Idle No More, … Continue reading

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Teaching Fractions: Barry Ahenakew

Math concepts in Cree are particularly important for immersion classrooms, but they’re not often addressed in language textbooks. Thanks to Elder Barry L. Ahenakew for sharing this lesson on fractions. Other numbers can be turned into fractional denominators by adding … Continue reading

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Wâhkôhtowin: A Cree Way of Living (Andrea Smith, The Tyee)

In a portfolio of four pieces, journalist Andrea Smith does some beautiful writing about the Cree idea of wâhkôhtowin. The Tyee – in which the pieces were published – defines itself as “a widely read and respected platform for the … Continue reading

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National Indigenous Peoples Day 2019

A collection of the traditional Cree terms for Cree groups and their neighbours – though through 21st century enlightenment – and decolonization – we try to honour our neighbours by using the names they prefer for themselves!  (Thanks, Sol, for … Continue reading

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When we had Sled Dogs (th-dialect, audio)

The Cree-only read-along video that follows below is a gift we can share here in memory of Salamô omisipana: Solomon Ratt’s late older sister. First cousins according to English kinship rules, having mothers who were sisters made Sol and Ida … Continue reading

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Worried Buffalo: Solomon Ratt (y-dialect, audio)

When we think of all the things the Buffalo provided to Plains Cree people, the first thing we usually think of is mîcim: food, especially in the form of paskwâwi-mostosowiyâs: buffalo meat. With this “Worried Buffalo” sketch, Solomon Ratt gathers … Continue reading

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