For Scholars

Electronic editions of classic Cree resources: classic dictionaries, grammars and text collections that formed the foundation of the scholarly understanding of Plains Cree.

Bloomfield, Leonard. 1930, 1934.

Sacred Stories of the Sweet Grass Cree. F.A. Acland, Ottawa.

Plains Cree Texts. American Ethnological Society Publications 16. New York

Howse, Joseph. 1844.

A grammar of the Cree language: with which is combined an analysis of the Chippeway dialect. Rivington, London.

Lacombe, Albert. 1874.

Dictionnaire de la langue des Cris. Beauchemin & Valois. Montréal.

Grammaire de la langue des Cris. Beauchemin & Valois. Montréal.

Watkins, E.A., 1865.

A dictionary of the Cree language as spoken by the Indians of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Territories. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. London.

Wolfart, H. Christoph. 1973.

Plains Cree: a grammatical study. American Philosophical Society Transactions n.s. 63, pt. 5. Philadelphia.

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Another new resource to add to this collection is the Archive of the Papers of the Algonquian Conference, recently created at Carleton University. You may search volume by volume (at, or look for author, language name, or subject keywords using the Search page (