Listen to Spoken Cree

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  1. Daniel Guiboche says:

    I would like to listen to spoken cree. I would also like to listen to cree for hymnals.

  2. Sandy Pitzel says:

    Yes, as much practise as I can get!

  3. Meedella Chippewa says:

    I want to hear and learn basic conversational Cree. My dad passed when I was ten. Unfortunately, living in numerous white foster homes, I never learned. I am a 59. I must teach my grandchildren if I can.Thank you Solomon. Glad youre home safe.

  4. Joanne says:

    I would like to linear of one of the values about kinship, have the speaker speak in the Cree language about wahkohtowin

  5. Jessie says:

    My grandparents raised me. They spoke to me in Plains Cree and I understood them. I didn’t speak Cree as in sentences. Single words yes. If I listen to spoken Plains Cree I’m hoping to catch on to my language. I definitely want to learn my language.
    I was in boarding school when I was 6 years old. Speaking my language was forbidden. Strapped or punished in some way when I spoke my language I didn’t speak it or want too. Now I’m ready to learn.

  6. Greg Rokosh says:

    Hello. When I was very young living in Flin Flon, Manitoba and in south central Saskatchewan my grandfather, an immigrant from Poland, would sing me songs which I believed to be in the Cree language. He told me that he knew many Cree people in the early part of the 20th century. They were friends and they taught him their language. He didn’t speak much English and this was a practical way for all of them to communicate. Back to the songs – can you suggest someone who might help me to understand my best remembered song, realizing that memory is a tattered document and all I have to go on is my child recollection from 75 years ago. Thank you.

    • Arden Ogg says:

      Hi Greg – If you’d like to email us a recording of the song as you remember it, perhaps we could help find somebody to listen. It sounds like an interesting mystery!

  7. Could someone help me with how to pronounce Kahkakiw (raven)? Thank you so much

  8. Starchild says:

    Just to be helpful, these some Cree websites with a variety of dialects: Whatever dialect you teach with hearing other dialects for your courses of lessons is diversification which is great i.e. shared knowledge.

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