Songs for Kids


The collection of audio files to accompany these songs is incomplete – I hope to build it up in time. Many of these are songs for kids of any age.

Twinkle twinkle little star

Old MacDonald

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

This Old Man

Cree Sunrise Song

tânisi song: Brian McDonald

ninêstosin: Winston Wuttunee

Bannock Boogie: Art Napoleon

kîspin kisâkihin

Numbers: Brian McDonald

Cree Animal Song: Brian McDonald

kinipān cī / Are you sleeping?

niyânan pinêsiwak (Five little birds, n-dialect)

kêkwan ôma : awêna ôma (n-dialect)

otāpānāsk : People on the Bus

Animal Song: Art Napoleon

3 Responses to Songs for Kids

  1. Arden Ogg says:

    Thanks Lorraine – The Cree Literacy Network doesn’t produce CDs of any sort – but you’re welcome to download the audio files and print the texts yourself. Glad you find them helful!

  2. ronnie beardy says:

    where can I download these songs?

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