Songs for Kids


The collection of audio files to accompany these songs is incomplete – I hope to build it up in time. Many of these are great Cree-teaching songs for kids of any age. Enjoy!

Animal Song: Art Napoleon

Bannock Boogie: Art Napoleon

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Cree Animal Song: Brian McDonald

Cree Sunrise Song

kîspin kisâkihin

kêkwan ôma : awêna ôma (n-dialect)

kinîhithowân / Do you speak Cree: Laura Burnouf (Gift of Language and Culture)

kinipān cī / Are you sleeping?

ninêstosin: Winston Wuttunee

niyânan pakwîsikânisak / Five Little Bannocks: a stoory to recite. Cynthia Cook (Gift of Language and Culture) 

niyânan pinêsiwak (Five little birds, n-dialect)

Numbers: Brian McDonald

Old MacDonald

otāpānāsk : People on the Bus

pimpahtâ / Run, Run, Little Rabbit: Dolores Sand (Gift of Language and Culture)

tânisi mâka: Art Napoleon

tânisi song: Brian McDonald

This Old Man

Twinkle twinkle little star

3 Responses to Songs for Kids

  1. Arden Ogg says:

    Thanks Lorraine – The Cree Literacy Network doesn’t produce CDs of any sort – but you’re welcome to download the audio files and print the texts yourself. Glad you find them helful!

  2. ronnie beardy says:

    where can I download these songs?

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