(The following is taken from a text) If you paddle 1/2 a kilometre from the northern most tip of Wamninuta Island, you will find the Swimming Stone half hidden in the bushes along the island’s north shore. Known in Cree as Assiniy Kasiwahak, the Swimming Stone is a flat backed boulder about 10 meters long and 2 to 3 meters high.It`s tail end is about 2 meters from the water`s edge, while it`s head points inland. It looks remarkably like a giant stone frog that has just pulled itself up onto the shore. Perhaps, it is only a glacial erratic, but Cree legend has it that the Swimming Stone actually swam to its present resting place after a medicine man empowered it to do so. In the past, it was common for travellers to show their respect for the Swimming Stone by leaving offerings such as moose antlers or tobacco. And, today, many Cree still consider the Swimming Stone to be a very special rock.

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