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Roadblocks to effective indigenous language development

Reblogged from Chelsea Vowel’s apihtawikosisan.com, October 4, 2013. This anecdote used to be shared on a now-defunct website for a Sims-like game calledRezWorld.  Someone tweeted a link to the site many months ago and I was nearly incoherent with excitement.  … Continue reading

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Cree kinship terms from Chelsea Vowel

Re-blogged with thanks to Chelsea Vowel from apihtawikosisan.com (October 24, 2011).   Note that the website that hosted the “Cree Family Unit” that Chelsea mentions is no longer available on the web as of August 2013, so  links to that site have … Continue reading

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Idle No More: some ideas for Cree language revitalisation

Reblog (complete) from Chelsea Vowel, who is definitely singing my song! Yes please: let’s figure out how to gather together and make a difference! http://apihtawikosisan.com/2013/02/08/idle-no-more-some-ideas-for-cree-language-revitalisation-resource-focus/#comment-25698. (resource focus) by âpihtawikosisân — 3 comments Though it hasn’t been much apparent in the past year, this … Continue reading

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Chelsea Vowel: nitêh (‘My heart’)


Chelsea Vowel is Métis from the Plains Cree speaking community of Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. Her passions are: education, Aboriginal law, the Cree language, and roller derby. She holds a BEd, an LLB and is working on a BCL. She also blogs about “Law, language and life” at http://apihtawikosisan.com

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