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Neal McLeod: Cree Word Study 6.19.2013

Stolen — with thanks — from Neal’s Facebook Feed. Word forms derived from Arok Wolvengrey, nêhiyawêwin: itwêwina. (all mistakes are mine) atim-: stem morpheme (away from something; ahead of something- denotes spatial relationship) Usually when people think of the word, atim, … Continue reading

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Neal McLeod: Cree Word Study 5.30.2013

Stolen (with all appropriate reverence) from Neal McLeod‘s Facebook feed. most-: stem morpheme: by itself, plain, straight forward derived from Arok Wolvengrey’s “nêhiyawêwin itwêwina” (all mistakes are mine and due to my poetic irreverence) mostakocîs: automobile [mosta- by itself + kocî- … Continue reading

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A new segment added: “A Poor Opwasimow Becomes Chief”

As he continues preparing new translations of Leonard Bloomfield’s Plains Cree Texts, Neal McLeod has agreed to permit the Cree Literacy Network to host his growing collection. On Christmas Day, he added the second segment to sakêwêw’s story of “A … Continue reading

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Neal McLeod talks Aboriginal Poetics at UofM’s Migizii Agamik

There are no Cree horses at Polo Park, observes Neal McLeod in his freshly written poem about Winnipeg, performed today for a full house of students, academics and fellow poets the University of Manitoba’s Miigizii Agamik (the recently renamed Aboriginal … Continue reading

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