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Cree Vocabulary for Kids: Louis Says on APTN

With Louis Says now in its third season, it’s exciting to discover that all eight Season One episodes of can be viewed online thanks to APTN at http://aptn.ca/louissays/. At eleven minutes apiece, you can even binge-watch the whole set in less … Continue reading

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Serenity Prayer: Solomon Ratt (y- and th-dialects)

y-dialect kisêmanito, miyin: waniskêwin ta-pakitêyihtamân kîkwây kâ-wî-wanâhikoyân; sôhkitêhêwin ta-kwêskinamân kîkwây takî-tipêyihtamân; êkwa iyinîsiwin ta-nisitawinamân tânimêwako ta-kaskihtâyân ᑭᓭᒪᓂᑐ, ᒥᔨᐣ: ᐘᓂᐢᑫᐏᐣ ᑕ ᐸᑭᑌᔨᐦᑕᒫᐣ ᑮᒁᐩ ᑳ ᐑ ᐘᓈᐦᐃᑯᔮᐣ ᓲᐦᑭᑌᐦᐁᐏᐣ ᑕ ᑵᐢᑭᓇᒫᐣ ᑮᒁᐩ ᑕᑮ ᑌᐯᔨᐦᑕᒫᐣ ᐁᑿ ᐃᔨᓃᓯᐏᐣ ᑕ ᓂᓯᑕᐏᓇᒫᐣ ᑖᓂᒣᐘᑯ ᑕ ᑲᐢᑭᐦᑖᔮᐣ th-dialect kisîmanito, … Continue reading

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Video Lesson – Animacy and Transitive Verbs

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Video Lesson – “To Work”

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Helen Chief Speaks Out about Mother Earth in Cree

Wise words in any language, but beautifully spoken here in Cree by Helen Chief of Island Lake, Saskatchewan, who very kindly agreed to let me post her video here, along with the translation of her cousin Celina Jones, and with word-for-word … Continue reading

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National Aboriginal Languages Day 2015: ahkami-nêhiyawêtân

Today in celebrating National Aboriginal Languages Day – I’m also thinking of Freda Ahenakew who made the Cree language her life’s work. The fourth anniversary of Freda’s passing is April 8th. In honour of Freda, and in honour of the day, Solomon Ratt … Continue reading

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A little Cree thinking about Math from Delvin Kanewiyakiho

Some basic practical math concepts, and basic vocabulary – a video from Delvin Kanewiyakiho created for the “Math people at the Catholic School Board office in Saskatoon.” Some vocabulary from this video (in SRO, cited from the Wolvengrey Dictionary): akihcikêwin ᐊᑭᐦᒋᑫᐃᐧᐣ NI counting (CW) ê-akihcikêt … Continue reading

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pêyakôtênaw — An East Cree Family Group at Winter Camp, 1974

In this beautiful documentary of an East Cree winter hunting camp, an NFB crew accompanies a small family group  — a pêyakôtênaw — on their winter trapping roundseast of James Bay. pêyakôtênaw could be literally translated as “one town,” but in the … Continue reading

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Cree Literacy can be like Velcro too!

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yahahê ha hê, tânisi! Video Cree Word of the Day from Delvin Kanewiyakiho

Another great find from Kathy Wheaton: Delvin Kanewiyakiho has prepared a great collection of little Cree lessons on video, and shared them with everybody through Youtube. Here’s a link to his collection. I sure hope it keeps growing! http://www.youtube.com/user/kanewiyakiho?feature=watch

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