FN Communities of Manitoba with their FN Names – From MFNERC

I haven’t been able to locate a publication date for this paper by Andy Thomas and Florence Paynter of Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre, but it is a useful and detailed publication that includes a great map of FN names for Manitoba FN communities. View the paper online at MFNERC: http://mfnerc.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/The-Significance-of-Creating-First-Nation-Traditional-Names-Maps.pdf , or download it here: The-Significance-of-Creating-First-Nation-Traditional-Names-Maps

Work on the map itself – which uses community-by-community spelling (rather than imposing standard spelling) has evidently continued, and the map is now available in interactive form! View the map at http://mfnerc.org/community-map/

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