tânisi mâka: Art Napoleon (northern y-dialect)

Thanks to Art Napoleon for letting us share another great tune from his môcikan nêhiyawewin album of Cree-teaching songs for kids (of all ages). This one models basic greetings beautifully, and it’s fun to sing. (You can find the whole album at CD Baby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/artnapoleon)

tânisi mâka kiya anohc
tânisi mâka kiya anohc
moy nânitaw pêyakwân niya
moy nânitaw pêyakwân niya
miywâsin (miywâsin) ôma (ôma)
miywâsin ôma kîsikaw.

Roughly translated:

How are you today?
Nothing new – same as always, me.
This is a beautiful day.

(Thanks, Art, for one I could transcribe *all by myself*. Hope you’re proud of me!)

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