Paupanekis: Intro Cree Audio Files (n-dialect)

The following MP3 audio files correspond to the 24 units in Ken Paupanekis’s Introductory Cree Course, offered May 2-13, 2011, at the University of Manitoba’s Summer Cree Institute, and offered regularly by distance through University College of the North. Units 1-12 correspond to CD 1, Units 13-24 to CD 2 of the original 2 CD set.

Ken is a native speaker of the n-dialect, also called “Swampy Cree”, and sometimes “maskêkowak”. He grew up in Norway House, Manitoba.

The 2-CD set is available for purchase through University College of the North Bookstores in Thompson and The Pas. Phone: (204) 627-8544 (The Pas), or (204) 677-6450 (Thompson).

CD 1: Units 1-12
Unit 1: Track 1, Track 2
Unit 2: Track 3, Track 4
Unit 3: Track 5, Track 6
Unit 4: Track 7, Track 8
Unit 5: Track 9, Track 10
Unit 6: Track 11, Track 12
Unit 7: Track 13, Track 14
Unit 8: Track 15, Track 16
Unit 9: Track 17, Track 18
Unit 10: Track 19, Track 20
Unit 11: Track 21, Track 22
Unit 12: Track 23, Track 24

CD 2: Units 13-24
Unit 13: 01 Track 1, 02 Track 2
Unit 14: Track 3Track 4
Units 15 & 16: Track 5Track 6Track 7
Unit 17: Track 8Track 9
Unit 18: Track 10, Track 11
Unit 19: Track 12, Track 13
Units 20 & 21: Track 14Track 15Track 16
Unit 22 & 23: Track 17Track 18Track 19
Unit 24: Track 20, Track 21

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  1. Tansi! My name is Chuck Mills. I’m originally from the James Bay area of northern Ontario in the area where the Moose Cree dialect [L-dialect] is spoken. I purchased Ken Paupanekis’ booklet “Pocket Cree” and now I discovered his audio lessons on line. I was wondering if I could buy those same audio lessons on cd’s so that I could use them while travelling etc. I love the Cree language and they would be for my own personal use. I you could reply soon I would really appreciate it. Thank you sincerely. Chuck Mills 64 Xavier str. Sudbury, ON P3C-2B9 [705]585-1740

  2. aHo! Ne Meskwakii. Ne natonewawaki ttei-ttei natowattiki.
    I’m looking for a similar speaking people. Some say they speak with the “N” dialect. Someone told me the ones living near the Hudson Bay area. History: We are the remnants of Meskwakiaki who fought against the French. In 1730 we disbursed into four directions to avoid France’ Decree to exterminate the Meskwaki. It would be the northern group whom I’m trying to locate as well as connect with their language. Kikaski a semi, nikani? Medikea netediso.

    1. tanisi

      i am swampy cree (omuskego) and my mom was fluent in our language (but i am not my mother died when i was young).

      i met a meskwaki woman when i was living in new mexico aand was (happily) surprised to learn that a lot of words in her language are the same in mine.

      she told me that the meskwaki word for the cavalry was macimohkomanis (ugly knife or bad knife); similar word for bear, muskwa; but some differences too.

      id like to learn more about how related our two cultures and languages really are because im sure the story behind the dispersion is a very interesting one and would add a richness and depth to all of our communties’ histories.


  3. You mention that Ken is a native speaker of the n-dialect. Are his audio files in the n-dialect? or Y-dialect?

  4. My mother was part of what is now being called the sixties sweep. She did her best to teach us where we came from and our heritage. As I’ve grown older my curiosity for my Cree side has grown. Thankfully very much for making these Cd’s available. I’ve wanted to learn my native dialect for a long time. This Is a great start

  5. I am wondering if can get CDs to learn Cree. If someone could please let me know if possible and prices please and thank you

  6. I’m currently trying to get hold of Ken’s “Pocket Cree” book. Unfortunately, I am in the uk. Any advice would be welcome. Hiy Hiy

      1. I can’t thank you enough. I have just ordered the book from McNally’s. Great response. Have a lovely week. Hiy Hiy. xx

    1. nânitaw (Particle) (From Wolvengrey dictionary):
      simply; something; something bad; somewhere; anyhow; in some way CW
      [with numbers:] about, approximately CW
      [in negative clauses:] anything, anything bad CW

  7. On this first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, Ken, my professor in Introductory Cree at U of M 2017 – 2018, I just want to say Tanisi, and hope this finds you well. Looking at my notes from four years ago, I realize what a great teacher you are, and what a negligent pupil I am: I can hardly remember anything, because I’ve not kept up with studies of this beautiful language: My Bad! Again, I wish you and yours All the Best.

  8. Fantastic – will try to order the CD’s before my inaugural visit to my home reserve in June. My birth mother has retained her language during her residential school experience and I am a 60s Scoop(ed) person and learning about my past. Have been living in the UK since I packed my backpack for a working holiday visa 25 years ago and now bought a flat in Glasgow (built in 1875). So, its built around the time the fur trade was in full force and the Victorian empire was busy pillaging rest of Earth. Anyways, looking forward to learning.

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