A New Year’s Wish from Darren Okemaysim

I’ve known Darren so long, I can’t even remember when we met. It was a genuine treat to see him, and get a big bear hug at the SICC Language Keepers Conference a few weeks ago. In sharing his Facebook post here, my friends and colleagues at the Cree Literacy Network join me in returning — and helping to spread — his kind thoughts and good wishes. As Les Skinner responded (also on Facebook): tâpwê miywâsin kinanâskomitin Darren.


kâ-ati-kîsipipayik ôma askîwin, nipakosêyihtamâtinâwâw ka-miyo-ohcêtowi-kîsikanisiyêk kâhkiyaw,

ka-miywâyâyêk êkwa ka-nâkatêyimâyêkok kâhkiyaw kiwahkômâkanak

(kaa-u.ti-kee.si.pi.peye.ik…owe.mu…as.kee.win,..ni.pu.go.say’h.tu.maa.ti.naa.wow…ku-mee.yoo-ooh.chey.to.wi-gee.si.gun.see.yayk….kaah.key.yoe, …


As the year ends, I hope for a good New Year to you all, to have good health and to care for all your family members.

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