Neal McLeod’s Cree Place Names

The other day, Neal McLeod invited his FaceBook friends to share photos of their home communities, offering to post them along with the community names in Cree.

Since I was just lucky enough to attend this year’s Indigenous Mapping Workshop in Waterloo, Ontario (hosted by Chiefs of Ontario, Firelight Group and Google Canada), I offered to take Neal’s  project one little step further, connecting the photos and place names on a Google-based, interactive map. Just because it’s fun!

I’d sure love to see this little project grow.

You can help by sending in a photo of your home community – or a favourite place – and its current official place name. I need the current place name to look up the position for the pin on the map. But I can add in your photo and Cree place name if you send it. And if you’re not sure about spelling? That’s okay – just do your best, and Neal and I will do our best too to render it in SRO and syllabics.

Got a story or a reflection about your community or favourite place? Please add that too: I’d love to create a map that shows a genuine sense of community!

(Afterthought: And since the photos are so gorgeous, I’m going to gather them in a gallery that you can view below the map. Thanks all for your participation!)

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