Christmas wishes from Neal McLeod*

(*Whom I’ve heard Santa sometimes calls âpihtaw-Abba in honour of his Cree-Swedish heritage.)

tânisi santî kônat. mitonê kipah-pitikosin. ê-mah-mikoskâtêyihtamihit. kîspin ayiwak ê-pitosipayan, kisôkâwâspinên. minisa piko astêwa nicâhyihk. mahti mîciso ôma. pêyahtik santî kônat, pêyahtik.

dear santa claus. you have become very chubby. i am really worried about you. if you get any more chubby, you will get diabetes. there are only berries downstairs. please eat them. be careful what you eat santa claus, be careful.

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