Charlie Venne: Cree Verbs with Caitlyn (th-dialect, video)

Charlie Venne, who manages the website for Gift of Language and Culture published this video on Youtube in October 2010. It’s a beauty, and young Miss Caitlyn has genuine star power. In the video, Charlie teaches seven verbs (in th-dialect) that Caitlyn (very actively!) demonstrates.
(Charlie has lots more to offer on his his own YouTube channel:

Here are the seven verbs in y-dialect, written in SRO. Click on the link to see each verb in the itwêwina online dictionary, where you can see each verb in all its (y-dialect) forms (a complete paradigm).

th-dialect (as in video)y-dialect (SRO)English
iskwatawêiskwatawîwclimb up
nicahtawênîhtakosîwclimb down

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