Love Pours – Billy Joe Laboucan (Northern y-dialect)

Thanks and deep respect to Billy Joe Laboucan for permission to share this poignant tribute to his late daughter Bella, who became one of the legions of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in 2013 at the age ot 25. While I can’t begin to imagine the pain of loss that hundreds of families feel every day, I believe that the shame of their truth is something that all Canadians bear. They all – we all – deserve better. (Here is Bella’s Story from the MMIW Inquiry.)

Sākihitōwin ohcikawīw ohciLove pours from
Niskīsikohk.My eyes.
Sākihitōwin sākaskinahtāw,Love fills
NikiskisōwinaMy memories.
Sākihitōwināpoy kākīcihtāwLove-tears soothe
Nimanawaya.My cheeks.
Sākihitōwin osāmaskinahtāw,Love overwhelms
Nitīhīh.My heart.


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