Pearleen Kanewopasikot: Why Language is Important

Thank you, Pearleen Kanewopasikot, for sharing this interview about the importance of language and culture, and for providing transcription in Cree (so others can read along and learn)! I hope we can encourage you to try even more transcription in the near future. Fully-fluent first-language Cree speakers are precious and rare: when they share in their language, we can all learn a lot! kinanâskomitin: I am grateful to you!

Mētoni nīsta nimīyowēyitēn ōta ē-pēwīciwēyan, iskwēwak ōki māna ēmāmiskōtākik pōko kikway, ēkwa ē-sīhtoskatōwak, aya, kakwē-kiskinōhāmāsōya, ēkwa kahkiyaw nitatoskanan mīna, ēkwa ēkiskinohāmakēya mihcēt.

Waskacōsihk ohci ōma nīya. Askihtakiw Pīyēsiw Iskwēw nitsi-nēhiyawihkason.

I am very happy to be part of this group, the women speak of many different things. We support each other as we continue with higher education, and we are all working and many of us are teaching.

I am from Little Pine First Nation. My ceremonial name is Blue Thunderbird Woman.

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  1. The Kitawasiw Iskwewak group is based out of Edmonton. We gathered monthly to support and encourage one another in our Masters and PhD programs. This video was shot in 2016, many of us have completed our Masters and PhDs. It was a great circle of women who provided mentorship to one another and to engage in ceremony when it was appropriate.

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