#CreeSimonSays: ohtâwimâwi-kîsikanisik (Don’t try this at home!)

Seriously: Laugh hard, but don’t try this at home! Maybe even if you do have real Cree gas from Creeway in Saskatoon! Look below the video for vocabulary in SRO. And remember:

  • êkâwiya kocihtâ ôma kîkihk – ᐁᑳᐏᔭ ᑯᒋᐦᑖ ᐆᒪ ᑮᑭᕽ  (Don’t try this at home! y-dialect)
  • êkâwîtha kocihtâ ôma kîkihk ᐁᑳᐑᖬ ᑯᒋᐦᑖ ᐆᒪ ᑮᑭᕽ  (Don’t try this at home! th-dialect)

Cree Father’s Day vocabulary from the online dictionary
nêhiyawêwin : itwêwina / Cree : Words

    • ohtâwîmâw (father)
    • nôhtâwiy (my father ;; [Christian:] Heavenly Father)
    • nôhtâwîpan (my deceased father, my late father)
    • nipâpâ (my dad, my father)
    • ohtâwîmêw (regard s.o. as his/her own father)
    • ohtâwîw (have (s.o. as) a father)
    • opâpâw (have (s.o. as) a father)
    • opâpâwiw (have (s.o. as) a father)
    • nôhcâwîs (my parallel uncle; my father’s brother, my mother’s sister’s husband; my stepfather; my godfather; my dear father)
    • wanakwâw (have sleeves)
    • iskopicikan (leftover piece of cloth)
    • iskosâwâcikan (clipping, scrap cloth)
    • manitowêkinos (small piece of cloth, scrap)
    • iskotêw (fire)
    • âstawêyâpocikan (fire extinguisher)
    • âstawêyâpowacikan (fire extinguisher)
    • kwâhkotêw (catch fire, burn, blaze, be in flames)
    • saskahamawêw (set fire to (it/him) for s.o.; light (it/him) for s.o.)
    • kwâhkotênikêw (start a fire, set things aflame)
    • âstawêhamawêw (put the fire out for s.o.)
    • âstawêhikêw (extinguish the fire; fight fire)
    • nîmiskotênêw (hold s.o. aloft over the fire)
    • apwêw (make a roast, roast over a fire (on a spit))
    • câhkâskitêw (burn completely; be a flaming fire, shooting upward)
    • pahkitêwâpoy (gasoline)
    • nâpihkwânis (motor boat)
    • mistikôsi (boat, wooden boat)

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