National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: 5 May 2019

To honour the day, and the depth of heartbreak if represents, here is a poem by Chief Billy Joe Laboucan, written in honour of his late daughter Bella. Perhaps one day he’ll share his own reading. Today it seems just wrong to ask. 

sâkihitowin ohcikawiw ohci
sâkihitowin sâkaskinahtâw
sâkihitowinâpoy kâ-kihcihtâwinimanawaya;
sâkihitowin osâmaskihnahtâw

ᓵᑭᐦᐃᑐᐏᐣ ᐅᐦᒋᑲᐏᐤ ᐅᐦᒋ
ᓵᑭᐦᐃᑐᐏᐣ ᓵᑲᐢᑭᓇᐦᑖᐤ
ᓵᑭᐦᐃᑐᐏᓈᐳᕀ ᑳ ᑭᐦᒋᐦᑖᐏᓂᒪᓇᐘᔭ;
ᓵᑭᐦᐃᑐᐏᐣ ᐅᓵᒪᐢᑭᐦᓇᐦᑖᐤ

Love pours from
My eyes.
Love fills
My memories.
Love-tears sooth
My cheeks.
Love overwhelms
My heart.

Thanks also to Elaine Kicknosway for permission to share this beautiful video, made by her son, Theland Kicknosway: “MMIWG2S Song For The Heart.” It is a beautiful song “made to start the day and warm the heart.” 

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