Cultural Survival: Art Napoleon (northern y-dialect)

Thanks, Art Napoleon, for permission to share this gentle prayer song in Northern Cree (northern y-dialect) to remind us that cultural survival is what it’s all about in these times of turmoil.

pimâcihowin : cultural survival

kihcikîsikohk kâ-ayâyin
kitimâkinawinân ôta askîhk
kitimâkinawik awâsisak
kitimâkinawik oskinîkowak
kitimâkinawik piyakoskânak
kitimâkinawik nîhiyawak
ka-môcikihtânaw ka-nîmihitonaw
ka-môcikihtânaw ka-nîhiyawânaw
hey kimosôminawak
hey kohkominawak

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  1. Thank you very much for posting this. The opportunity to hear my native tongue while far from home is a great boon as I take each step towards learning more of it.

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