Mother’s Day 2021 – Andrea Custer (th-, y-dialects)

This lovely message was composed by Andrea Custer, in the middle of the mothering sandwich: celebrated this year by her own five children, while celebrating her own mother and grandmother, and mother-in-law. In the style of all the great Cree mothers and kohkoms, looking out for everyone at once.

kîsta mîna, Andrea: You too!


mitho-okâwîmâwi-kîsikanisik kahkithaw okâwîmâwak.
kîthawaw kâ-mâwaci mistakisoyîk, î-kaskitâyîk pimâtisiwin|ta-mîkiyîk
ikwa ithikohk î-sôhkitîhîyîk.
âthiman ta-ohpikihâwasoyîk mâka kipasikônâwâw tahto-kîsikâw kâh-kîhtwâm ta-kocihtâyîk. kisâkihikawinâwâw anohc ikwa tahto-kîsikâw.


miyo-okâwîmâwi-kîsikanisik kahkiyaw okâwîmâwak.
kiyawâw kâ-mâwaci mistakisoyêk, ê-kaskitâyêk pimâtisiwin ta-mêkiyêk
êkwa êyikohk ê-sôhkitêhêyêk âyiman ta-ohpikihâwasoyêk mâka kipasikônâwâw
tahto-kîsikâw kâh-kîhtwâm ta-kocihtâyêk.
kisâkihikawinâwâw anohc êkwa tahto-kîsikâw.

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