Ready for our Second Decade

Welcome – tawâw – to old friends and new.

Welcome to our new look and layout, created to celebrate ten years and over 800,000 views “Creating Connections that Promote Literacy in Cree Language and Culture.”

Take some time to poke around, if you can. Along with the new look, a lot of time and effort has gone into organization, functionality and presentation, all aimed at making ten years’ worth of material consistently easier to find and easier to use. Try out the magnifying glass search tool, and the “hamburger” category menu. Prepare to be amazed at how much really useful material has been assembled here over the course of ten years – and how relevant and useful it remains.

The big renovation began in February 2021, when a tiny video clip from the official launch of the Cree Literacy Network unexpectedly emerged (from the depths of my hard drive), featuring Dr Freda Ahenakew and her dear friend Cecilia Masuskapoe: two beautiful Elders, now departed. It was dated 15 September 2010, and suddenly, out of the blue, the Cree Literacy Network was 10 year old!

The theme of our new design – nipiy kipimâcihikonaw / ᓂᐱᐩ ᑭᐱᒫᒋᐦᐃᑯᓇᐤ / Water Keeps us Alive – is expressed in its background, an original painting by our featured artist Dawn Marie Marchand, and used with her permission. To us, it evokes the beauty and necessity of water which is fundamental to life itself. We hope it helps us bring new life and health to the Cree language as well, since revitalization is at the heart of all we do.

With sincere thanks to everyone who has joined us here, to visit, read and listen; to follow; to share original content; or, to donate to help us continue this work we love, we’re glad you’re here to join us for our next decade “creating connections that promote literacy in Cree language and culture.

tawâw  ᑕᐚᐤ  Welcome!

Note: It’s inevitable that a few undiscovered bumps will emerge as soon as I hit publish. There’s a reason this overhaul took six months! Your constructive comments and corrections are welcome now as always. You’ll find a comment form in the page footer that sends email to Director, Arden Ogg, or you may choose to comment on any post. (Note that all comments are subject to moderation, and may take a day or more to appear.) We’re always happy to hear from you!

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  1. Congratulations Cree language keepers and sharers for the youngens so we can all learnto dance in the first language of love, and with water being the theme, our Earth Mother’s blood l, and what keeps all her children dancing in good ways. So keep on sharing this language in the fun ways you’s do.

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