Reclaiming Stolen Words: Free Teachers’ Guides from Second Story Press

Since January 2020, when we were first able to present the Plains Cree edition of Melanie Florence’s Stolen Words (illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard, published by Second Story Press), the beautiful book, and the reclamation it represents, have continued to blossom into some really useful materials to support Cree language reclamation more broadly. And they’re all available for free download.

Here is an overview of the book in its editions, and the additional supports that are now available:

English Original Edition

  • The original book, English language edition can be ordered here:
  • The teachers’ guide to the English edition is a free download that includes discussion points and activities suitable for elementary school children. Download here.
  • The six Cree words that feature in the English edition are presented in the book with a pronunciation guide. As further support, Solomon Ratt has provided corresponding audio, which you can find here:

Dual-language (English and Plains Cree) edition:

  • Ordering information for the dual-language, English and Plains Cree Edition of the book (with translation by Dolores Sand and Gayle Weenie) can be found here:
  • To support reading along in Cree, Second Story has provided an audio recording of the book by Dolores Greyeyes Sand. You can find it by scrolling to the bottom of Second Story’s “Video Resources” page: A separate audio file (found on the same page) presents the author/illustrator/translator credits in Cree.
  • Second Story also commissioned a separate teachers’ guide to the dual-language edition, also available for free download. It includes discussion points and activities suitable for the Cree language classroom, adaptable to students of any age. This edition of the guide includes a complete English/Cree Glossary, and a significant section focused on how to use a bilingual Cree-English dictionary.  
  • Finally, audio corresponding to a “conversation” exercise presented in the guide can also be found by scrolling to the bottom of the Video Resources page:

It goes without saying that this book represents something truly sacred to members of the Cree Literacy Network, and we – collectively – send our appreciatioon to Second Story Press for the chance to create an even greater impact through this book. ninanâskomonân! 

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