The Little Drummer Boy: Falynn Baptiste

Thanks to Falynn Baptiste for permission to share her new single for Christmas: The Little Drummer Boy. Get ready to read, listen, and sing along – with the ranslation provided by Dolores Greyeyes Sand. (It’s a Christmas present to see these translations move into the next generation of singer/speakers!)

You can order Falynn’s CD here to sing along with the whole collection:

Concert-goers in Saskatoon were treated to hearing Falynn along with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra on December 4th. Read more about it here:

āstamik itwāniwan, pā ram pa pa pam,
okimāw nihtāwikiw, pā ram pa pa pam
mēkiwina miyātān, pā ram pa pa pam
okimāw kita-miyak, pā ram pa pa pam,
     ram pa pa pam, ram pa pa pam
kita-kistēyimiht, pā ram pa pa pam,   takosihki

awāsis Jesus, pā ram pa pa pam,
nikitimākisin, pā ram pa pa pam,
namwāc kīkway nitayān, pā ram pa pa pam,
kita-miyitān, pā ram pa pa pam,
     ram pa pa pam, ram pa pa pam
nika-kitocikān, pā ram pa pa pam, takosihki

Mary nāh-nānamiskwēyiw, pā ram pa pa pam
mostoswak mina, pā ram pa pa pam,
nikitocikēstamawāw, pā ram pa pa pam,
kwayask ni-sohki-kocīn, pā ram pa pa pam,
ram pa pa pam, ram pa pa pam
ēkwāni kā-pāhpit, pā ram pa pa pam, takosihki.

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