In Memoriam: Davis Swindler-Horse

The Swindler family feasted this young man this week with love and all his favourites. His loss continues to be felt throughout the Cree language community. He is remembered with respect.


kahkiyaw kâ-sâkihamahk nêhiyawêwin nimihtâtênân kâ-wanihâyahk Davis Swindler-Horse. awa osk-âya kî-kistêyimâw êkwa kî-sîhkimêw kahkiyaw ayisiyiniwa kâ-nôhtê-nêhiyawêyit. osâm wîpac kinakatikonaw. nitisahamawânânak kâkîsimowin owâhkômâkana.

All of us who love the Cree language are grieving the loss of Davis Swindler-Horse. This young man was well respected and provided great inspiration. He has left us far too soon. We send our prayers to his relatives.


Young Indigenous man who was known as a Cree ambassador dies


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  1. Rest in Paradise. You touch a lot of people with your ability to speak our language. Gone but not forgotten.

  2. The life of this young person was incredible. He took prides in his his language and shared his stories with us. My heart bursts in pain ōkoma ikwa ōmosoma oci, iwanīyācik osimiwawa.

  3. My sincerest condolences to family and friends of Davis Swindler-Horse. It is very difficult to believe your gone to the Spirit World. I watched all the videos with your Moshom & Kohkom. You were a gem to our Cree language. Walk in paradise sonshine!

  4. With great sadness and loss of a language speaker, Davis. Was an inspiration to his generation and to all of us. May his spirit walk in peace….

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