Northern Cree: miyo-kîkisêpâyâw

Isn’t every day better with a little, just a little, Northern Cree?

Thanks to their FaceBook administrator for permission to share this video of a good morning song composed by Marvin “Mihkiso” Deschamps, that they describe as “something a little soft with a little bit of energy to get your day going in a positive way, with a little prayer within.” It’s a good reminder to be grateful for each day. Scroll down to find the lyrics, also provided by Northern Cree, who send along a message to everyone: 
ᑲ ᒥᔪ ᑮᓯᑲᓂᓯᓈᐚᐤ
(You all have a good day)
mêtoni miyo-kîsikâw anohc, mâka tahto kîsikâw ka-pimohtêhk kikâwînaw askiy, ê-miyo-kîsikâk.
ᒥᔪ ᑮᑭᓭᐹᔮᐤ᙮
ᒣᑐᓂ ᒥᔪ ᑮᓯᑳᐤ ᐊᓄᐦᐨ, ᒫᑲ ᑕᐦᑐ ᑮᓯᑳᐤ ᑲ ᐱᒧᐦᑌᕽ ᑭᑳᐑᓇᐤ ᐊᐢᑭᐩ, ᐁ ᒥᔪ ᑮᓯᑳᐠ᙮
Good morning.
It is a beautiful day today, however every day a person gets to walk the earth is a good day.

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