A Valentine for 2023 with Lots of Love

You’ll need to imagine a DJ voice for this post:

This one goes out to all those nîcimos-es out there. This year’s Valentine is brought to you by this image that reminds me not only of Wilfred Buck, but of the truly fabulous Randy Wood round dance song (that you can find here on YouTube: https://youtu.be/UIWhKYaJHi0). And of course, thanks for interpretation into Cree (so you can up your Valentine game) goes to Solomon Ratt. miyo-sâkihitowin-kîsikanisik, kahkiyaw!

kanawâpamik acâhkosak: kiwâsêstamâkonawak kisâkihitowininaw

ᑲᓇᐚᐸᒥᐠ ᐊᒑᐦᑯᓴᐠ: ᑭᐚᓭᐢᑕᒫᑯᓇᐘᐠ ᑭᓵᑭᐦᐃᑐᐏᓂᓇᐤ

Look at the stars: they shine with our love.


(Find posts from Cree Valentines past by following this link: https://creeliteracy.org/?s=Valentine)

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