nêhiyawê Cultural Institute offers Saturday Immersion Classes in Edmonton

This poster presents a nice project run by Wayne Jackson and the nêhiyawê Cultural Institute, offering free immersion sessions at no charge. Kids are welcome, too. I particularly enjoy the videos they produce during their sessions and post online in their FaceBook Group, but I think it would be much more fun to join them in person in Edmonton.

To register: Just show up!
Where? kihcihkaw askiy (Sacred Land) , located at 14141 Fox Drive NW in Whitemud Park, Edmonton.
Contact: Contact them via the FaceBook Group nehiyawe Cultural Institute.

Here’s what they’ve written about themselves and their principles. 
nêhiyawê Institute’s philosophy and vision of action embraces this lone objective: to successfully pass on the nêhiyaw language and culture to our future generation of speakers.
Guiding Principles
  • Full-time immersion is the best means of transmitting nêhiyawêwin and nêhiyawiwin and the foundation of how nêhiyawêwin and nêhiyawiwin will be taught.
  • Instruction and dissemination of nêhiyawêwin and nêhiyawiwin is best done by nêhiyawak.
  • The establishment and control of the curriculum to be taught is the language of our ancestors on these Treaty territories and to be passed on to our future generations and this matter will rest with our parents, nêhiyaw Elders, nêhiyaw subject matter experts, nêhiyaw knowledge keepers and nêhiyaw language teachers.
  • Elders, the family and a community of speakers are essential to the success of the revitalization of nêhiyawêwin and nêhiyawiwin. Successful immersion programs need community support and families willing to have their child learn nêhiyawêwin first.
  • Language nests and immersion schooling from K-12 will be the primary focus for nehiyawe Institute existence. Adult programming may exist but will not be the primary focus.
  • The four elements of our nêhiyawiwin; intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual will be embraced and a balance to be sought in the teaching of our children.
  • To follow and remind ourselves of the nêhiyaw teachings of
    • kisêwâtisiwin (kindness),
    • kistêyimitowin (mutual respect),
    • sakihitowin (love),
    • tapahtêyimowin (humility),
    • sohkâtisiwin (strength),
    • kanâtisiwin (cleanliness),
    • tâpowakêyihtamowin (faith),
    • nêhiyawiwin (nêhiyaw way of life),
    • manâcihitowin (respect/compassion),
    • mâmawi-wîcihitowin/mâmawohkamâtowin (cooperation/mutual assistance),
    • wiyâtikosiwin (joyfulness/happiness),
    • pakosêyimowin (hope),
    • nanahihtamowin (obedience),
    • nanâskomowin (thankfulness),
    • mamisîtotâkêwin (trust/reliance),
    • pahpiwin (laughter) and
    • kwayaskâtisowin/tâpwêwin (truth).
  • nêhiyawêwin will permeate every building that the nêhiyawê Institute employs.
  • Do not worry about English language learning, it is an onslaught & tidal wave once they are not in the immersion environment.
  • Language is the key to true self-expression & existence.
  • Do not denigrate your language with argument or allow even the mildest form of violence around it (Peigan Institute).

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  1. Please follow the group on Facebook ebook, as this location has changed.
    The current location, hours and class schedule will be on the Facebook page.

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