Wilfred Buck Narrates Winnipeg’s First Canada Day Drone Show, 2023

What a delight to hear Wilfred Buck take his night sky stories to an outdoor crowd of thousands in this beautiful Canada Day Drone Show at The Forks in Winnipeg, in Treaty One territory. In this fabulous alternative to the usual Colonial fireworks, Wilfred worked with Jade Harper to produce a show that clearly put  traditional Cree perspective front and centre. The show instilled pride for many, and inspired awe all around. The video here was created by the Doloricon Family, and shared publicly on their YouTube channel (we send them our thanks!)

Tourism Winnipeg provided their own description of the show:

Finding our North Star

Canada Day festivities at The Forks concluded with a drone show finale that paired ancestral celestial teachings with cutting-edge drone technology never before seen in Winnipeg.
The drone show entitled Acakos (ah-cha-kos), meaning “star” in Cree, has been curated around the teachings of Elder Wilfred Buck, a member of Opaskwayak Cree Nation. Buck is an internationally known star Knowledge Keeper.
Acakos [SRO: acâhkos] told the story of the North Star, traditionally known as Kiwatin [SRO: kîwêtin), meaning “the going-home star,” and Ikakacit [SRO: acâhkos êkâ kâ-âhcît], meaning “standing still,” as it’s the only star in the Northern Hemisphere that does not move.

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  1. It’s really cool to see Wilfred Buck telling his stories about the night sky to a big outdoor crowd during the Canada Day Drone Show at The Forks in Winnipeg. It’s great to see events like this that celebrate Indigenous culture and teach us new things.

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